6 Things to Know Before Going to the Beach Alone

Every once in a while, you will be tempted to visit the beach, especially during summertime. During this time the beach is packed with people from all over the world. All with the one goal of having a memorable time of their life. What’s there not to love about a trip to the beach?

When you visit the beach, all you will be doing is swimming, surfing, basking in the sun and playing in the sand. The beach is the most desirable place to go whenever you feel that you are having a bad day or even know what to do with your day. Yes, going with friends and relatives to the beach is fun, but you should also try going to the beach alone.

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Going to the beach alone has its perks. For instance, you get to enjoy the freedom and socialize with other people, other than your friends or relatives. However, some struggles follow. Here are some of the challenges you are likely to face during your solo visit to the beach.

No One to Take Your Pictures 

Visiting the beach is always an awesome memory worth remembering. Also, you want to show your friends on Instagram and Facebook what an awesome summer at the beach. When a friend accompanies you, taking pictures will be easy. Therefore, when you are going to the beach alone, know that you can only take a fantastic selfie, or ask a stranger to take one for you.

No One to Rub Sunscreen on Your Back

It is a must that you carry sunscreen if you decide to bask in the sun at the beach. When heading to the beach, just know that applying sunscreen on your back will be a bit of a struggle. In this scenario, it will be very weird to ask a stranger to apply some on your back. Therefore, the only solution here is to carry a sunscreen that is in spray form.   

Snatch Thieves

Note that there are many people at the beach. People from different backgrounds and religions. Therefore do not be surprised if you fall prey to the snatch thieves, especially in non-secluded beaches. Snatch thieves are always larking around the beach, waiting for you to be distracted or go for a swim to steal your stuff.   

There Is No One to Watch Your Stuff 

The good thing about going to the beach with your friends or relatives is that even when you are out socializing with other people, or whether you are just going in the water for a swim, they will be someone to watch your stuff for you. You can now enjoy a swim without worrying. 

What Stuff To Carry While Going To The Beach?

Going to the beach alone probably means that you want some alone time to yourself. While there is an array of activities, you can participate in. Such activities include swimming, surfing, and so forth. That said here are some of the stuff to carry when you decide to visit the beach. 

Books – if you love reading, then the beach is the perfect place to finish your novel. The atmosphere favours reading. Avoid bringing books that are expensive as they can be easily damaged by water or sand.  

A Beach Towel– ensure that you carry a beach towel to dry yourself after a swim. 

Slippers or Flip Flops– you can carry either of the two. Wearing shoes to the beach will give you a hard time, with sand entering the shoes, not to forget the heat. 

Sunscreen– always make sure that you carry sunscreen to protect your skin from sunlight. 

Sunglasses- after a swim, you will have time to bask in the sun. The sunglasses protect your eyes from direct sunlight. Otherwise, you can just close them. 

Beach Shorts- if you intend to swim, then it is a must that you carry a beach short.

A Camera- never forget to carry a camera when you visit the beach. Capture stunning photos to share with your relatives and friends.     

Extra Clothes– always make sure that you carry additional clothing when you visit the beach, which is unless you live nearby. 

A Backpack- A Backpack Will Come In Handy When You Have Much Stuff To Take To The Beach. In the bag, you can carry a snack, water, wallet and even first aid essential in case of an injury.

Headphones– you can carry your headphones and compile a playlist that you can listen to while chilling at the beach.       

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What to Do To Avoid Losing Your Stuff at the Beach

If you are going to the beach alone here are some essential tips to follow to avoid losing your stuff 

Do Not Carry Your Expensive Stuff 

Always avoid taking your valuables such as watches, wallet or mobile phones with you to the beach. Instead, leave them in your hotel room. The key to your room is also at risk, therefore hide it somewhere or leave it at the front desk. This way, your stuff will be very safe.

Place Your Stuff near The Lifeguard Stand

While at the beach and you want to rush into the water for a quick swim, make sure that you place your things near the lifeguard stand. This way, it will be tough for the thieves to take your stuff without being. It will be even better if you ask the lifeguard to look after your stuff, of course, you will have to tip him or her.  

Socialize With Other People 

It is a good idea to interact with other people at the beach. Since you are typically their friend, they will look after your stuff and protect them from the snatchers.    

Importance of Visiting the Beach 

Visiting the beach has its advantages. Some of the health benefits of visiting the beach include 

Relieving stress– You can get rid of stress by visiting the beach. The ocean breeze and waves make it a serene spot for relaxing.

You acquire vitamin D– you get vitamin D from the sun rays while basking in the sand. 

Exercise– you get to exercise through activities such as swimming and yoga.

Things to Know Before Going to the Beach Alone

Enough said, let’s dive right and list six things you should know before visiting the beach alone

Always Protect Your Stuff 

While at the beach alone ensure that you always keep an eye on your belongings. There are a lot of snatchers, looking to snatch your stuff when you are distracted. If you are busy surfing or swimming, you can always tip someone or the lifeguard to look after your stuff. Also, you can leave your valuable items at your hotel. If all this does not work, you can put your watch, camera and phone in a dry bag and swim with them.

Always Stay Hydrated  

While visiting the beach alone, ensure that you carry water or any other beverage to keep hydrated. The sun, sand and the salty water of the beach can leave you feeling thirsty and dehydrated. Despite there being vendors selling refreshments at the beach, you should carry your drink. These vendors tend to hike the prices when they see you are not from around there. Ensure that your drink is cool.

Carry Beach Essentials 

Do not just go to the beach empty-handed, carry some of the essentials such as towels and sunscreen. It is always advisable to bring these essentials from home rather than purchasing them while at the beach. Buying such items on the beach can be expensive. On the other hand, you can rent the essentials at a lower price, but since the visitors share these items, you are likely to develop an infection if not properly cleaned.  

Carry Enough Cash  

Ensure that you have enough money on you to facilitate your visit to the beach. For instance, you might want to buy snacks while at the beach, surfing board and seashells. You may want to tip the waiter for excellent services rendered and pay an entrance fee. 

Always Walk With Your Identification 

Since you are visiting the beach alone, there is a probability no one knows you. You must walk with your ID. In case of an accident; they can quickly identify who you are and even contact your friends or relatives.   

Swim In Designated Areas

Lastly, make sure that you swim in the designated areas. Swimming in the designated areas means that you are safe from the dangers of the beach such as jellyfish. Also swim in beaches with a lifeguard. If none of the above is available, you can always ask the authority and the locals if they know of any danger.

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Going to the Beach Alone Final Work

Even though going to the beach alone can be a struggle, knowing what to expect and what to expect makes it easy to have fun and enjoy your day at the beach. The above six things to know before going to the beach alone will ensure that you enjoy swimming and surfing at the beach without any worries whatsoever.   

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