6 Must-Haves in Your Purse to Make You Prepared For Anything

A woman’s purse is like a sacred shrine. You cannot touch or have a look inside without asking for permission first. Once granted permission, you will discover that it is a bit messy inside and that you will have a hard time looking for specific items. It is only the owner of the purse who can quickly locate particular stuff. Many people believe that a woman’s purse can accommodate just anything.

Once or twice, you will hear a man complaining that the woman is taking too long to remove the wipes from her bag. As much as this is true, everything in a purse has its use and purpose. However, ensure that whatever is in your purse is worth it. Imagine stocking your handbag with essentials, only to discover that the specific thing that you need is not there. This article will highlight six must-haves in your purse to make you prepared for anything. 

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Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Purse

Before we look at six must-haves in your purse, let first look at some of the reasons you might be prompted to buy a purse. What purpose does it serve, and why do women all around the globe love them so much?   

It Is a Fashion Statement 

A purse is important to some women because one or another, it is a fashion statement. That is why you will find women buying some of the most stylish and expensive handbags to match with their dress or heels. You will also find that there are women with more than ten purses. If the sole purpose of a purse was to carry essentials, then one handbag or two is enough. You will hear women complement each other handbags.   

It Is Easy To Carry Around

It is effortless to carry a purse around. It is because a purse is light, and it is designed in such a way you carry it using your shoulders, allowing you to still use your hand for other activities such as holding your kid’s hand while at the mall.  

They Are Cheap 

Most purses are cheap. That is why you find a lady with more than twenty purses at home with different colors, styles, and are meant for different occasions. However, do not assume that all bags are cheap. There are costly handbags, popularly known as designer bags.

Big Enough To Carry Your Essentials  

There are very many options for carrying your essentials, for instance, you can carry some using your backpack or duffle bag, but then there is a lot of wasted space. On the other hand, a purse is big enough to carry all your daily essentials while going to work. Also, they are big enough to still maintain that stylish look.

They Are Durable 

Different materials make different purses. There are leather purses that are meant to last long. Most of these designer handbags stay lifetime because they are made from leather. Even if a purse is not made of leather, it is meant to last, only if it is taken good care of.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Purse 

You do not just go to a store and purchase a purse. There are several factors that you must consider. They include:

Budget and Cost 

One important factor that you should consider when buying a purse is your budget and the cost of the handbag. This is essential because it will ensure that you do not overspend. You will also enter the store, knowing well what you are going to buy. This way, you cannot be overcharged. Note that the more expensive the purse is, the more it is likely to last.  


How long the handbag you intend to purchase can last is yet another factor to consider. You would not want to buy a handbag today and throw it away after a week or two. Ensure that you properly check the material of the handbag. If you are not sure, you can always ask the vendor, and he or she will be happy to answer your questions and assist where necessary.

Reviews and Recommendations

When you decide to go to the shop to buy a purse, make sure that you ask for a recommendation from your friends or your relatives. You can ask them what they think about a specific bag, or you can ask them to suggest a good purse, all this depending on your budget and preference. 

If you are purchasing a purse online, you can do a little research, or you can read honest reviews about the product from previous customers. If the negative reviews outweigh the honest review, then do not buy that product. However, online reviews are not always truthful, which is why it is better to ask your friends or relatives.

Usage/ Purpose

Yet another factor to consider before buying a purse is what you are going to use it for. For instance, if you are a mother, with a child, then you ought to have a bigger purse than the one going to church. This is because the latter will only need to carry a few things such as the bible, wet wipes, etc. a mother with a child, on the other hand, will require a bigger bag to carry diapers and probably change clothes, as children can be a bit messy.

6 Must-Haves In Your Purse To Make You Prepared For Anything

Now that you are up to speed with some of the reasons why women around the globe purchase handbags. You are also aware of the factors to consider when buying one. Here are six must-haves in your purse to make you prepared for anything.

Power bank 

There is no reason whatsoever for not having a power bank in your purse. A power bank comes in handy when you want to charge your mobile phone, and you do not have a power source or an outlet.

Imagine waking up in the morning and on your way out to work, and you realize that you forgot to charge your mobile phone overnight, or you are on an urgent call and then suddenly your phone shuts down due to low charge, what do you do? You simply take your power bank out of your purse and start charging. A  good power bank should be able to store enough power to charge your mobile phone to full capacity. It should be light and small so that it is easy to carry around.


A wallet is another essential that you must have in your purse. It should contain the vital contacts that you or any other person can call in case of an emergency. For instance, you can have phone numbers of your doctor and relatives. You should also place your Identification numbers and phone number in the wallet in case you lose your purse, and someone wants to return it to you. The wallet can also contain ATM cards.


Always make sure that you carry wipes on your purse before leaving the house. Wipes come in handy when you spill your drink on your skirt. Also, you might use the wipes to wipe your hands after washing them. You can also wipe your lipstick and the lips after eating.

Hand Sanitizer

Whether you are going to store, work, or a long trip, as long as you have a purse, it is a must that you have a hand sanitizer inside. This is because wherever you go, you are likely to meet people you know, some of them who are ill, and it will be insulting not to great them. You will also touch doorknobs, which are full of germs. After greeting them, pick a sanitizer from your purse and sanitize your hands. 


A tampon is not like a charger that you can easily borrow from a friend or a work colleague. Borrowing a tampon can be a bit embarrassing. To avoid such a situation, ensure that you always carry tampons in your purse, just in case you need it. Similarly, if you prefer sanitary towels to tampons, ensure that they are available in your purse at all times.

Phone Charger 

A phone charger makes the list of six must-haves in your purse. The majority of people are always using their mobile phones to make calls, text, check email, and even search online for products such as clothes and so forth. The above activities drain your battery charge, which is why you need to have a charger with you to charge it.


The above list highlights some of the must-haves in your purse to make you prepared for anything. Whatever must have essential you decide to put inside your bag should be useful and has a purpose to serve. Do not just put stuff in your purse for the sake of it. The main reason for having these must-haves is because, at times, it can be very embarrassing to ask your friends or colleagues for some of these items.   

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