6 Best Books for College Girls to Read Before They Go Away

There are a lot of books out there that college girls can read before they go away. However, only a few of these books qualify to be branded the best books for college girls to read. Since way back, most authors dwell and write their books based on the boy character and the struggles of them becoming a man.

However, in recent times we have seen a lot of authors basing their stories and novels on the female character. Even though they are not celebrated as much, they are still as significant. There are many genres based on the female character. Such genres include adventure, romance, fictional, non-fiction novels, etc. since there are tons of books to choose from, this article will help you narrow your search to 6 best books for college girls before they go away.

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Characteristic of a Good Book

As earlier said, there are a lot of books on the market. Each equally appealing as the other. That is why understanding the characteristics of a good book will help you choose a good book for you to read. Even though different readers have different preferences, and since a good book to you can be a different case to another person, there are basic characteristics of a good book that must stand out. That said, here are some of the common features.

The Language Should Be Easy To Understand

Yes, a good book should have a pleasant and straightforward language that is easy to read and understand. What we mean by having a good language is that the book should possess well-structured sentences to keep the reader eager to read the next sentence and before you realize it, you are already halfway or done with the book.  

Good sentence structures will highlight conversations among characters, and the narration itself will feel authentic. You also get to feel the emotions that the author wants to perceive. Imagine reading a book that you have to pause every five minutes, you reread the sentence or look for the definition of a particular term.

It Should Give Life to the Characters  

Regardless of whether a book is fictional or nonfictional, it should bring its characters to life. To bring the character to life, the author must be creative and honest. In as much as the character in the book are fictional, the author should give them flaws to make them seem realistic. No human is perfect, and neither are book characters. Giving life to book characters makes them feel real, and if they are real, the story becomes relatable.    

It Should Have a Realistic Time Frame

A good book should have a realistic timeframe. The reader ought to know what day it is, year, and how much time has passed between events. Most important, it is good to know how much time the story covers. For instance, you cannot tell a story about a woman giving birth to a young girl, who later on becomes a doctor in just a day or a few months. It should take twenty years or so.

It Should Be Edited

A good book should be thoroughly edited before it is even published. Yes, you will spend some cash, but then the outcome will be fantastic. When a book is edited correctly, chances of running into a typo and grammatical errors are minimal. Also, they check on sentence structures to ensure that they make sense. If you are an author and your book has some typos and grammatical errors. It will be tough for it to compete with other better books in the market. 

It Should Have a Grip Effect on You   

A good book should have a grip effect on you. You should always carry it everywhere you go and read when you are free. It should make you late for classes and even skip lunch. After reading the book, you still have the urge to reread it. If a book got you doing the above, then it merely means that it is a good book worth reading.  

Have an Engaging Plot 

If a book doesn’t have a grip on you, then it is probably not a good book. If you don’t recommend a specific to your friend, then it is probably not a good book. It is perhaps because the book does not have an engaging plot. A good plot should engage the reader by moving forward and backward. It can also move around and leave you in suspense once in a while. 

It Should Have a Purpose

A good book should have a purpose. In that, it has a particular hidden message that it intends to pass the reader. For instance, a good book can talk about issues affecting society, from gender inequality to discrimination, racism, and so forth. Also, it should be fun and capable of entertaining you.      

Six Best Books for College Girls

Daughter Of Fortune 

This book by Isabel Allende is one book any college girl should read before they go away. According to Allende, she took an estimated period of seven years to research this book. In her own words, she describes the seven-years wait as the period of searching for self-knowledge. After a long wait, she finally decided to write her book. The book talks of a young girl of Chilean origin, who was raised by siblings who are white. Isabel explains that the story in her book, daughter of fortune, is a reflection of her life and the struggle she went through to simply define what feminism is and the role it played in her life is.

Pride And Prejudice

The period before a college girl goes away is a period to learn a lot of essential things that will help you become a better and responsible woman. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen take the second position because it has two valuable lessons that every girl before going to college should learn. She insists that first impressions can sometimes be wrong. Also, she insists that everyone deserves a second chance. The book itself contains feminist undertones and Jane’s signature.   

The Bell Jar 

the bell jar is the only novel that Sylvia Plath wrote. The main focus of this novel was on mental health and gender issues. She wrote the book based on her experience, while she was still at smith Women College and after winning a scholarship that allowed her to work for a magazine company in New York City. Despite having a remarkable life, Sylvia Plath encountered mental health problems, thus exposing the history of medical treatment for women in America. 

To Kill A Mocking Bird   

it is a book by Harper Lee, and it is a classic. It is a classic because it addresses a ton of issues that affect our society, from racism to gender equality. The character’s name is scout finch. She is six years old and a feminist icon. In the book, Scout is against the social standard that a particular race must be discriminated against and that genders are not equal. Instead, she calls for both race and gender and race equality. In the long run, she learns valuable life lessons that are still important and applicable in today’s society.    

Star Girl

Star girl is a book written by Jerry Spinelli. The simply tells young girls around the globe not to conform to social expectations. In the book, we see the main character, Susan, who is a new student at Mica Area High School, remains unique despite other students challenging her. In such a situation, people expect you to hate and doubt yourself, but Susan remains kind and true to herself. This book inspires a lot of college girls. It urges them to be of their uniqueness.  

A Wrinkle In Time 

A wrinkle in time is one book that a college girl should read before going away. It is a book by Madeleine LEngle and is a good book for any college who want a motivation that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to. The main character is known as Meg. She is a sixteen years old girl on a journey to look for her lost father. She is discouraged by her teacher and friends for a while, yet she remains committed and believes that she will find her father. 

Conclusion on the best books for college girls to read

Above is a list of six best books for college girls to read before they go away. The book that you decide to read should tackle some of the issues that you are currently facing or issues that you are likely to face while you are away for college. Such issues include discrimination as a woman and sexual harassment. Also, reading the above equips you with some life lessons that will come in handy, even in the future. Once you read a book and find it interesting, tell your friends and classmates so they can read the book too.

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