6 Ideas For How To Pass Time In Class (Responsibly, Kinda)

Have you ever found yourself bored in class? Chances are that you are not alone. It happens to most students out there. Sometimes, time seems to stop when you are in class. This makes lectures boring. Finding a way to occupy your mind can help mitigate this situation. You can trust that this will make the class feel as if it is going fast. Some ideas can help you pass time more effectively while in class. The following are ideas on how to pass time in class more responsibly:

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Listening To Your Teacher Actively

If you want your mind to remain engaged for the better part of the lecture or lesson, you should listen to and think about what the teacher is saying. You will note that active listening normally involves both hearing and thinking.

Therefore, you can pass time more responsibility by listening actively to your lecturer. Besides listening, you should take thorough notes. Here, you need to write down most of what your lecturer is teaching in class. This can help you when you want to study the notes later after the lesson. Also, it might be beneficial for your friend who might be absent from class.

Interact With Your Teacher And Classmates

A human being is a social being. If you are feeling bored in class, you can try to interact with your teacher or even the students present in your class. For instance, you can ask questions about the content that the teacher has taught. Chances are that you might not have fully understood everything the lecturer has taught you. By doing this, you will be more focused and you will not realize that the class is taking longer than you thought.

You can introduce a controversial remark or ideas and hear what the other students will say. Introducing a controversial topic can spark discussion in your class. Different students will give varied opinions about how they think about your topic. This, in turn, makes the whole class more lively and entertaining. Sometimes, you can play the devil’s advocate and agree with a point that you know is not right, just trigger a discussion among your classmates. This, in turn, will make others to defend their positions and other classmates and eventually help reduce boredom in class.

Forming group discussions is a good way of passing time in class. If you are in class and your teacher has indicated that he or she will not be present, you can choose to form group discussions and discuss various topics. You can even choose to revise an exam that you had done earlier on.

If there are past revision papers, you can choose some critical questions that you do not understand and discuss them with your fellow students. Group discussions will help you pass time and even enable you to understand some difficult concepts that were not clear to you. This has worked well in the past.

Change Your Environment

Remaining on the same spot can make you feel bored while in the classroom. Therefore moving out of the classroom for a few minutes can help solve this problem. There are many places that you can visit for a short period. These include the restroom or the water fountain. This can take 5 minutes or less. As you move out, you should try not to take more time outside. Since you might have borrowed permission to leave the classroom, your ability to leave in the future might be restricted. When outside, you should not do anything that might arouse suspicion.

Sometimes, you do not have to leave the classroom. You can still move around by stretching a little bit. Here, you can lift one leg or try to cross and uncross your legs. This can help reduce boredom. More importantly, you will remain active and will not get sleepy. As you engage in these activated, you should be moderate not to distract other students.

You can also ask the teacher to allow you to change your sitting position. You can either choose to sit in front to pay closer attention to what is being taught. You should assure the teacher that you will not be disruptive in your new position. If you have a clock in the classroom, you should not look at it more often. You can even change your sitting location and move to a place where the clock will be out of sight.

Check The Current Happenings Online

Nowadays most lecture rooms usually have excellent Wi-Fi connections. If you have a laptop or a smartphone, you can check the current happenings all over the world. Besides doing the basic research on your course, you can use this internet to check news updates. By doing this, you will not only be passing time responsibly but also improving your general knowledge.

If the teacher is not in the classroom, you can discuss some of these happenings with your peers in class. You will be surprised to note that you will get varied opinions about the stories making the headlines online. Therefore, you should subscribe to some online dailies and you will be able to flaunt your superior knowledge to your peers. Most reputed daily newspapers are usually updated regularly and as such you can get news updates on-the-go. You might come across some concepts that might interest you online.

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Create Some Entertainment

When you feel bored, some entertainment can help you pass time more effectively. Some activities might entertain you while in class. One of these activities is playing games. The good news is that there are many games that can keep your mind remain engaged. These include games such as Sudoku or a crossword puzzle. One advantage of this game is that you can play it quietly without distracting your fellow students. 

There are different puzzle games that you can try out there. You should look at all of them and choose the one that suits your needs. Besides playing Sudoku games, you can choose to listen to music. However, you have to seek permission from your teacher whether listening to music is allowed in his or her class.

You can tell her that you will be more productive by listening to music. However, as you listen to music, you should reduce the volume to avoid distracting others. Remember that you are not the only person in that class. You should be mindful of others ‘welfare. Lastly, you can try to meditate silently on your seat. This is a good way of relaxing your mind as you will entertain yourself silently.

There are many things that you can do. First, you can try to breathe in and out. It is vital to focus on deep and regular breaths. However, you should not breathe too loudly. You can sit straight in your seat with your both feet flat on the ground and place your hands in a neutral position on your desk. Once this is done, clear your mind and focus on being happy and quiet. You should ensure that you keep your eyes open. Do not focus your vision on any particular item in the classroom.

Enjoy Some Creative Writing Time

If your teacher does not make rounds to see what you are writing, you can try to write some notes in your notebook. You might be surprised to note that you have plenty of information that you can write within one hour or two. As long as your teacher does not look too closely at what the words are, it will look as if you are taking normal notes.

The good news is that writing helps to vent out all the negative emotions running through your mind. Therefore, you can write a journal and so on. You do not have to write journal entries but rather you can write short notes about how you feel. 

Also, you can write about something that particularly struck you on a certain day or just other stories about people around you. There are many things that you can write about. The added advantage of writing these things during a lecture is that the lecturer will be impressed by you. This is because he will think that you taking notes and absorbing every single word they are teaching. In this case, the lecturer will perceive you to be a sincere and diligent student.

Passing time in class is not a difficult thing. You should consider the above-mentioned ideas. As you purpose to pass time in class, you should avoid distracting your fellow students. This is because some of them might be keen in class and want to understand all the concepts taught by the lecturer.

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That’s How To Pass Time In Class

Therefore, you should choose an activity that will not annoy the teacher. This activity should engage your mind such that you won’t know that time has elapsed while in class. You might be surprised that you will enjoy being in class despite having long lectures on some days of the week. Consider these ideas on how to pass time in class today and you will not regret it. They are truly incredible.

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