6 Colleges That Don’t Care About GPA (Much)

Do we have colleges that don’t care about GPA? Determinants for GPA calculation include; the course credits, the semester hours you spent in classes and individual grades. When all these are combined together they will make up your GPA. For example when you say you have a GPA of 5.0 that is equivalent to grade A while a 3.0 GPA is equivalent to a B grade.

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You will find a lot of students especially in high school worrying about their GPA because they believe that is what will make them get to the best colleges after they are done. Parents will also pressure their children to ensure they get the best GPA. They will do their level best to the extent of hiring private tutors for whatever subjects they are children are not faring well. This is very important because it keeps the students on toes and also helps them to focus but it is not the only thing to look at.

When it comes to admissions of students in the colleges you will find that not all of them will focus so much on the GPA. This is because they believe when it comes to gauging the student GPA is not the only thing they will consider when looking at your applications.

Many are the times colleges will look for something greater in a student so that he or she can be able to find a position in the school. This is because there are so many students that are good performers but they don’t have much to offer apart from the grades. Therefore there are so many considerations colleges will look for before a student is considered and admitted. 

Examples of considerations that college admission officers will look for apart from your GPA include 

  • Extracurricular activities. 
  • The interest you have in the college you are applying for. 
  • Admission essays. 
  • The letters of recommendation that you offer. 
  • Your academic growth record. 

One of the reasons why these colleges will not take much thought on your GPA is because they have been able to see the trend in the market concerning people who are making it in life. You will find most entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists whenever good when it came to their GPA but they were able to make it in life.

Students should not worry about where they will be placed when it comes to the colleges they will go to. It’s about trying and making a difference in where they are and making use of their time to the maximum. Also creating friendship in colleges is very important because that is where you could find your business partner is someone you may need in the future.

It is therefore important for students applying for colleges not to worry too much concerning their GPA  on whether it is good or bad because that is not the only thing that the admission officers will look at when it comes to giving them admission into the college in question.

In this article, we shall highlight 6 colleges that don’t care about GPA. As you consider the highlighted colleges it doesn’t mean they are not performing schools, in fact, they are one of the best in their areas.

Goucher College 

Goucher College is located in Dulaney Valley Road, Maryland in the United States. This is a private school that is a high performer. The school is known for providing quality education and its affordability when compared to other colleges and universities worldwide.

As much as the school focuses on the GPA they have been able to neutralize this so that they can be able to accept more students based on different factors. The school can admit a student through a video. Students who want to join the school are required to send 2 minutes of the video talking about themselves. 

While making this video it is important that you ensure the video is clear, precise and accurate. Describe why you want to join the school and the reason why you need to be selected among the many who have applied.

You don’t require explaining about your test scores or your GPA or giving out your transcripts. All you need to do is to trust yourself and send a video worth watching.

Bennington College 

Bennington College is located in Bennington Vermont in the northeastern United States. When the school was starting only women were attending the school but currently, it holds both men and women. The school does not focus much on the GPA but requires more than that as they do the selection.

 For example when applying for a position in the school you need to write an application essay and a letter of recommendation. The school will also consider your character. When it comes to the character they want you to express your creative and intellectual abilities. 

Swarthmore College 

Swarthmore College is one of the colleges that don’t care about GPA. The admission officers in the college barely look at the GPA when it comes to reviewing the applications of students. The college is located in Pennsylvania in the United States. This is a high-ranking school when it comes to offering education. It is all rounded and it has been able to bring out the best leaders. At Swarthmore College, they literally don’t calculate the GPA of students. It doesn’t take let the same for guide book publishers.

At Swarthmore College, their focus is looking at the students and the kind of challenging classes they took in high school. Swarthmore College believes that its existence is to collaborate rather than compete.

You can consider applying for this College because it has a lot to look at apart from your GPA. All You Need Is to express yourself accurately and correctly why writing your admission essay and also get the best recommendations.

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Bard College 

Bard College is in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. The college is ranked as one of the most innovative schools. It is also one of the colleges that don’t care about GPA. As much as the school will consider your high school transcript that is not the final way of admitting students.

 The college has come up with college-level essay questions that our students to answer so that they can be selected for admission. This could be an easy way out for several students and they can consider this. You can do research on the questions they ask so that when you start answering you can be able you may have an idea of what you will expect.

Believing in yourself is very important because that is what will make you get the best grades when answering the college level essay questions. From what you will gain they will read all the students in the best-performing ones will be selected for admission.

University of Virginia

Located in Charlottesville Virginia, the University of Virginia is one of the colleges that don’t care about GPA. As one of the best performing public universities in the area GPA has been able to bring more students on the table because their admission is not merely forecast on a student’s GPA. This is a highly competitive school and you getting admitted to such you will be such an advantage.

Writing a good admission essay to the Admission officer could be one of the gateways of you find yourself at the University of Virginia. Do not hesitate to explain why you deserve a position in the university and explain your interests in the school. It is also important to add to your records your performance growth. You may not have performed extremely well but your growth in performance may describe a lot concerning you are learning curve. From this, you may find yourself selected for admission.

It is very important that you consider your SAT scores and ensure they are very strong. Also, choose your letters of recommendations wisely from your teachers who can be able to give good information concerning you. 

Southern New Hampshire University 

This is one of the colleges that don’t care about GPA. The college does not require you to have a GPA to apply for admission. When you are applying for the college you are only required to fill an application document that is online-based. Also, you are required to submit your high school documents to show that you went to High School. You are also required to have conversations with the admission officers for the purposes of admission.

One of the advantages concerning southern New Hampshire University is that it is a flexible University when it comes to their programs. You can consider this university and the probability of you being enrolled in the school is high due to the fact that they have a lot of things they will consider apart from there GPA.

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In conclusion, it is important that you make all the applications required outstanding. Also, understand how the colleges that you are applying for work with no requirements of GPA. This is because some colleges will not require a list GPA because they believe they have high achievers.

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