6 Things to Know Before Travelling to Spain Alone

You plan travelling to Spain alone? Well, it is that time of the year, children have closed school, people are in vacation mood, and you have saved enough money to take yourself out for a vacation. If you are employed, you will have to ask your boss for a time off, you wouldn’t want to go on a vacation and return only to be fired. If at all you haven’t decided where to visit, the next step is to identify where you want to go for your vacation.

There are very many vacation destinations, but in this article we will dwell on Spain. In this article we shall look at six things you should know before travelling to Spain. But before that here are some of the reasons you might want to visit Spain.

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Reason for visiting Spain 

There are very many reasons why you might want to visit Spain. Spain have it all, from beaches, incredible landscapes, rich cultural history and so forth. This will however depend on where you come from. Here are some of the reasons. 


One major reason for visiting Spain is the sandy beaches. Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are in Spain. A good example is the playa de Ses illetes. When you visit the beach you are likely to have a lot of fun. At the beach is where you are likely to meet new people from different parts of the world. You can also interact with the locals and get to learn a thing or two about their culture. Other activities that you can indulge in while at the beach are surfing and swimming. Every year there are surfing competitions. Both locals and tourists can take part in the competition.  


Weather is yet another reason why tourists visit Spain in large numbers. Spain’s location in southern Europe ensures that the weather is suitable and favorable all year around. Spain enjoys the longest summers compared to other countries all around the globe, which is why it is the ideal destination for your vacation. 


If you are an art lover, then this is one reason that will ensure that you visit Spain. Spain is home to some of the most popular painters, both living and deceased. Artwork of famous painters such as Pablo Picasso and Francisco de Goya is paraded in different art galleries across Spain. While in Spain, you can also visit the museum. 

Eye-catching islands

Apart from the enchanting beaches, Spain is also home to some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Some of the popular islands include Tenerife, Ibiza, Canary Islands and Menorca. The Canary Islands are responsible for the high number of tourists that visit Spain every year.  


As funny as this sounds, the local cuisine is yet another reason you may want to visit Spain. You have to at least taste the famous tapas once. Yes, there are restaurants back in your country that have copied the recipe and are making the tapas, but once you taste the tapas from Spain, you will realize that the two are completely different. Tapas is popular in Spain, such that when you go to a bar and order a drink, you are given a free plate of tapas    

Adventurous activities

Tourists visit Spain, mostly because they want to have fun and take part in amazing and adventurous activities. If you are looking to indulge in adventurous activities then it is a must that you visit Spain, even if it is only once in your entire lifetime. Such activities include scuba diving in the beaches and oceans, hiking in the mountains, zip lining, skiing, snowboarding and so much more.


Spain is among the few countries around the globe that have and are still embracing their culture. They are rich in culture and the local people are very friendly people. During different times of the year, Spain holds different festivals and fiestas. For instance there is la Tomatina festival, which involves throwing tomatoes to each other on the streets every year on the last Wednesday during the month of August.

There is also the San Fermin Bull Run festival which occurs in July. There is also the famous flamenco dance which has its origin from southern Spain. This dance is traditional and it attracts a lot of visitors from other countries annually. These festivals and fiestas are fun and very memorable.  

Factors to consider when planning a trip to Spain 

There are several factors you ought to consider when you are planning your trip to Spain. Here are some of the important factors.

When do you want to visit Spain?

When planning your visit to Spain, ensure that you are well aware of what time of the year you intend to visit Spain. What time of the year to visit will be highly influenced by the activities you intend to be part of.

Also, this will ensure that you visit the country when the weather is favorable, however, there are places like the Canary Islands where the weather is warm all year round. The different festivals and fiesta take place at different times of the year. Therefore it is advisable that you plan your trip in such a way that you will enjoy your preferred activities. 

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Where do you want to visit?

Where you want to visit while visiting Spain is yet another important factor to consider. In Spain, there are 17 regions, each with its own different culture, history, dialect and attractions. Therefore whatever feature you want to see or whatever activity you are looking to do, will determine where you want to go. In the northern part of Spain we have regions such as Galicia, Castile Y Leon, Catalonia and so forth. On the other hand, the southern region includes Valencia and Castilla la mancha, just to name a few. 

What is your budget? 

When planning your trip ensure that you have a budget. Ensure you stick to your budget or you will end up spending more cash than you intended to. 

Where are you going to stay? 

Accommodation is another important factor you must consider before travelling to Spain. You do not expect to loiter in the streets of Spain. You have to find a place where you will place your luggage while you go and enjoy your night. Also, it is a place where you will freshen up and change your clothes. Ensure that your accommodation option is well within your budget. Do not be too extravagant. 

Now that you are up to speed with some of the factors you should consider before visiting Spain, let’s have a look at six things to know before travelling to Spain. 

Siesta time 

Siesta time is one of the things you should know before travelling to Spain alone. This one culture that other countries in the globe covet. During daytime, from around 2pm to 4pm, people close their restaurants and stores for a nap. There during this time ensure that you are in your hotel. Tourists get frustrated during the siesta hour. However, the siesta break does not necessarily mean that you have to sleep. Most business people close to go home to see their family or eat lunch. 

Book your accommodation early enough

Before travelling to Spain alone, make sure that you book your accommodation in advance. If you are planning to visit Spain during the tourist season make sure that you book the accommodation five to six months earlier to be safe. This will ensure that you get the best deals, as the price has not yet hiked. The prices hike when it is tourist season that is between April and September. Also if you book late, you might not find suitable accommodation. 

You need money  

It is important to have money with you at all times. You might want to taste some local delicacies, also you may have to give tips when you are at the bar or the restaurant. Spaniards love tipping. Note that you do not just need any currency, you need to have your money in euros. Therefore ensure that you exchange the currencies before leaving your country. 

Meal times are a little late  

Before you board the plane to Spain, know that the meal times there are a bit late compared to your country. For instance Spaniard take their lunch at 2 pm during the siesta break and dinner as late as 10 pm. Meals times in Spain last longer because it is during this time conversations arise. 

Spain is quite big  

Unlike Europe, which is small and easy to tour, Spain is quite big. The distance between Barcelona and Madrid is almost 400 miles. Therefore you need to plan early on how you are going to move from one region to another. In Spain, there are high speed trains and 40 airports to ease locomotion. 

Do not talk about politics

Once you strike a conversation with a local, ensure that you do not talk about politics. Spaniards will see you as arrogant and distasteful. If you do not get along with locals, chances are you will not enjoy your trip.    

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Conclusion on Travelling to Spain Alone

Above are some of the things you need to know before travelling to Spain alone. There are many and following them will ensure that you have a fun, memorable trip to Spain. Also, make a point of knowing some of Spain’s law, you wouldn’t want to get arrested during your vacation.

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