6 Best Soundtracks to Study To and Increase Productivity

Looking for the best soundtracks to study and increase your productivity? If you haven’t stumbled or explored fresh music on Spotify or other famous music sites, you have heard nothing yet. Sometimes after a tiresome day at the office or one of those hard days, all you want is scroll through that playlist for that song that gets you. Interestingly enough, people have a playlist for every mood.

It’s good to understand yourself because music makes you feel alive again, music can encourage you; it is also therapeutic and relieves stressful emotions.  

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Music provokes a change in the environment, whether a learning or a working space. It influences the motivation on the task at hand as you remain attentive throughout the lecture; it will improve your performance.

There are times you have so much to do, and you become overwhelmed. In such instances, some soundtracks would increase your creativity level and increase your concentration when handling tasks.   

Science has also backed this up through a study that was published in 2010 about Applied Cognitive Psychology, states that “when a well-practised expert needs to achieve the relaxed focus necessary to execute job he’s done many times before, music can improve performance.” We have listed some of the soundtracks that will get you going, read on.

Listen to instrumentals

Background music in a work environment may not be such a bad idea. Listening to Instrumental music while working boosts your productivity. Instrumental music has proven to improve your mood and increase your focus leading to a performance at work. When you get rid of the stress and anxiety once the music has hit the feel-good hormone, dopamine.  

You will note the changes in your tasks. Instrumentals have a way of letting go of stuffed up thoughts in your brain. It clears the tiredness and helps the mind to concentrate on finishing a task successfully. 

According to a study by Costas Karageorghis, a sports psychologist, he discovered that music improves performance physically when you exercise longer. Many times when we exercise especially the aerobics, it’s easier to give up since they use a lot of energy. We can recommend that you switch some music in the background. As you do this, you delay fatigue, enjoy the exercise. Some of the music that would wow your sessions includes:

  • Marconi union “weightless.”
  • Airstream,” Electra”
  • Enya, watermark.”

Classical music

Research has proven that classical music helps people tackle tasks. The theory has been labelled as the Mozart Effect that says classical music will make the brain more active to concentrate, which in turns boosts your health and the general well-being. As you listen to this music, it will help you solve spatial puzzles and manipulate complex shapes. 

The benefits of classical can surprise you; it starts with handling pain that will increase the quality of sleep. The music can also increase your creativity and a great boost to your mood too. The memory capacity is directly linked with classical music, as the dopamine hormone is produced; it activates the brain pleasure points to make you feel happy. When handling these hard tasks, when music is in the background, it will supercharge your mind and do better compared to those don’t listen to classic

The lyrics are a distraction to the brain part that helps it to focus. The genre of music also matters in that, and there are selections that would bring that calming and relaxing effect you are hoping. Students gain from this type of music by having a 12 per cent increase when they have exams. The brain can hold more information for a long. Examples of these mind-blowing selections include 

Vivaldi’s quick- tempo Four seasons

Bach classical study playlist

Beethoven’s ‘”Fur Elise

Sounds of nature

This category initiates a sense of being outdoors, listening to the music of moving water or waterfalls. It will give you the satisfaction as it deeps your mind into a calm place. When you listen to while working, the ambient sounds keeps you focused on what you are doing. 

They are very effective, especially when you hear waves crashing or the babbling water, the cognitive part of the brain is sensitive to this type. The jarring noises on the other side together with the rainfall and animal noises will boost your mood. 

A study done by Renseeraler Polytechnic institute researched that natural sounds improve focus. They discovered that when employees are working with nature sounds on the background, they tend to be more productive.  Having that background music masks the conversations happening around you or the animal noises or any other distraction. 

Researchers also found out nature music it gives you positive feelings increasing your general attitude towards life. If you work in an environment that is peaceful with the calming nature of these precious sounds, your brain restores your cognitive abilities that improve general performance.

Try the ocean waves, 

Flowing water and rain falling.

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Your favourite playlists

You release the happy hormone anytime you listen to your favourite song or album. We are sure that everybody has one. Music affects the brain and physicians say that since the 50s, it has helped to cure patients in the European and the Us. 

Patients use the music to pass a message or when trying to express their feelings. The research went ahead to prove people’s emotions in that when someone listens to sad or happy music; then we can tell they probably happy or sad.

It impacts our emotions and because the music is heard from the ears and travels straight to different brain parts which are used for cognitive functions. 

Music varies person to person and depending on the different music experiences, it sets the mood patterns according to the study, people get to decide what kind of music they want to listen to while working.

The “feel good” music

Artists are different, and some can focus on the lyrics while others go mellow. The feel-good music earth parts of yourself that you couldn’t imagine. If you have listened to, Adele,  Hans Ritcher or  Hans Zimmer then you have an idea what I am talking about  

This kind of music has a tune that stimulates the pleasurable parts of the brain. When you are stuck in the office, and your mind doesn’t seem to solve anything, sometimes the only way could be listening to these tunes would open up your mind to look at things from a different perspective. 

Our brains work naturally to produce certain chemicals anytime we hear a preferred playlist. Usually, the music varies with people, but Spotify would give you instant results when you key in specific words. Don’t hesitate to make your selection while working to keep your brain alert.  

Meditation music

Meditation is a practice that helps people have a clear understanding of their thoughts. In the process, it steers your emotions in the right direction. With the hustle and bustle that comes with life, music is powerful mainly when you use it to meditate.

The transformative powers within it include the night sleep; you sleep better when listening to meditative music. Your general health improves, and as you get into deeper meditation,it calms you and helps you to understand your feelings. This practice is quite a stress reliever because it clears anxiety.

 If you integrate meditation music into your life, you will notice immediate changes even as you handle your daily tasks, whether at home or the office. According to scientists, sometimes it’s different what the listener hears compared actually to what they hear. Sometimes this kind of mismatch triggers some regions in your mind that will increase the ability to solve a problem.

An analysis of the brain scans showed that some transitioned movements occur according to the music rhythms. They make the brain significantly active, and the striking levels between the left and the right side of the brain make it improve the memory capacity. One study by Jonathan Berger said music keeps the mind engaged and sharpens its abilities to stay attentive and anticipate the music. 

Final Thoughts on Best Soundtracks to Study

It’s evident the various types of music help our mind in multiple ways. It cleanses the perilous stuff in our brains and enables us to focus better. If we pay close attention to the music and sometimes the lyrics, it can access the critical regions of our minds that help it to function. We should listen to the feel-good’ music to make us feel we are at a present state.  

Most of the time, we lose ourselves in the stresses of life that makes you forget yourself making us unhappy in the process. Studies and researches have proven that music is good for our efficiency in production and above all store a lot of information.

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The classical, nature, instrumental and meditation music activates our brains that improve your general health. Handling any task with background music, especially for students, will help you concentrate on your studies. There’s an increase in the test scores when handling your assignments with some soothing music. It would be best if you gave these selections a try next time you are working.

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