6 Top Tech Speakers for People Who Take Their Music Seriously

Every music lover will admit that great sound is one of the most important factors they consider when buying top tech speakers. With the advancement in technology, speakers have become more progressive and versatile. If you take your music seriously, you need a convenient and quality speaker that will ensure that you hear every beat. You must take your time to make sure you get one that has the highest level of clarity so that you can enjoy your favorite tunes.

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Top Tech Speakers You Should Invest In

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP 

If you love listening to room-filling music that is refined and powerful, this is a great speaker choice for you because you will be able to get amazing sound at any volume level. This is an easy to use speaker that has a control pod which gives you total control of your sound system. You can adjust volume, turn it on and off, or even use headphones to listen to music privately without disturbing your neighbors or anyone else and is ideal for recording. The subwoofer speaker system delivers 62 watts peak power and 30 watts RMS. This means that you will get the same quality of sound no matter how low or high the volume is. 

Designed to look good and fit in any décor, this speaker fits perfectly in any sitting room or even office so that you can have great-sounding music anywhere you are. The rich audio and deep bass will give you an experience that is unmatched by most speakers in the market. This speaker can be fine-tuned to any sound desired and has a crisp clean sound ideal for any type of music you would like to listen to. This speaker can be connected to a cell phone, mp3 player, tablet and any gaming system so that you can use it to get great sound no matter where the music is coming from. 

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DOSS SoundBox Touch Wireless

Not everyone wants to sit in the house and listen to music, some people prefer listening to music on the go. This might mean camping, swimming, on the beach or many other places and they need a speaker that will guarantee great sound as well as be portable. A small portable speaker does not have to mean bad sound, you can get a great sounding speaker that is portable too like the DSS Soundbox. This high-performance speaker is capable of playing for 12 hours, this ensures that you get maximum playtime before you need to recharge the batteries.

This Bluetooth speaker has HD sound and bass ensuring that it gives you the great sound you need while listening to any type of music. Equipped with the latest technology, the speaker is compatible with most Bluetooth devices which means that you can listen to music from any of your devices like phones, tablets and more. The technology also allows it to remember the devices so that you can pair them effortlessly at any time you want. The speaker is easy to use and will ensure superior quality sound and enhanced bass. The controls are easy to use and will allow you to change tracks and pair them with a simple touch of a button. 

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Wireless Active PA Speaker System 

Sometimes you just want to entertain or get entertained while you enjoy your favorite songs. This speaker will let you do exactly what you want and have fun while at it. The 1000w portable speaker is high powered and is compatible with Bluetooth devices so that you can play music from any source. For outdoor music lovers, this is the best speaker because it will provide great sound whether you are outdoors or indoors. This makes it an ideal speaker for parties, barbeques, and many other occasions. The amplifier system is equipped to give a full range stereo sound production and impressive bass. 

Designed with 6 inputs, the speaker can be used with a flash drive, SD card, microphone guitar and also has an FM radio with digital channels. This will allow you not only to listen to your favorite radio station channels but you will also listen to music from any device and sing karaoke.

Flashing disco lights gives this speaker the life you need for each party you host and the LCD screen will make it easy to know the number of songs and playtime when you use it. For those karaoke lovers, a top control panel is available to adjust guitar volume, bass, treble, and even mic volume so that you can get maximum entertainment from the system.

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Dual Electronics LU43PB 3-Way 

Living in an area that experiences adverse weather changes can sometimes affect your electronics and make them perform poorly. This waterproof speaker will ensure that you listen to great sounding music whether indoors or outdoors no matter the weather. The speaker can be mounted within seconds in an open space. The parts also hassle free so that it can be used by anyone and you will not need professional help to get it to start working.

This high-performance speaker provides powerful bass and has an expansive sound coverage. This means that you can listen to music in any part of the room and the sound will not seem different. You can now listen to music as you do your house chores or even outside as you prepare for a barbeque.  The deep rich sound will ensure that you enjoy each note and the acoustic dispersion is excellent. One can count on this speaker to deliver great sound anywhere like the poolside, the garage, patio, and anywhere else. This speaker is sold in pairs so and can be mounted easily using swivel brackets.  

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Ultimate Ears Megablast

This is a great portable speaker for music lovers because it will enable one to listen to music on the go. The quality of sound this handy gadget produces is unmatched by many speakers on its caliber. This speaker is small but you will get and intensely rich sound that is 360 degrees so that you will not have to turn it around as you move to any side of the room. You are also sure that everyone seated around will listen to the great sound and the big bass it produces. The speaker is also dustproof and waterproof so that you can use it indoors and also outdoors safely and it boasts of being virtually indestructible.

In line with keeping up with the latest technology, this speaker has an IOS app so that it can be updated on with any technology available. This will ensure that your speaker is always updated and you can enjoy your music however you please. Apart from that, the speaker has a Bluetooth function so that you can pair it with any other Bluetooth device and it can also be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

You will have a wide selection of music this way and you can use the Alexa voice control to help you select music and many more. With this speaker there is no limit of what you can do, with the sound of your voice, you can order take out, discover new music, and blast the tune of your choice. The battery is long-lasting so you choose to carry this speaker to your next picnic or camping trip and be able to have a little fun while doing any outdoor activity.

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Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers

Any music lover will love these speakers because of the great sound and versatility. The speakers work excellently for studio recording and also at home for listening to music. An amplifier has been built in so that you do not have to incur another cost to get one so you can just budget for the speaker. One is assured of good and quality sound and the Bluetooth function will enable you to listen to music even from your cellphone, tablet, or computer. You can also use the analog inputs to connect the speaker to your TV, turntable and more.

The controls are easy to use and help you adjust the bass, treble, and volume. If you need a little more bass, you can easily add a subwoofer and you will be able to enjoy the high-quality sound. The wireless remote is compact and makes it easy for you to select music and other function from anywhere in the room. The parts of the speaker are reliable and hassle-free and are backed up by a two-year warranty.

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Now that you have a list of some powerful speakers that will let you enjoy your music, you can go ahead and purchase one that will suit your lifestyle. These speakers will allow you to listen to undistorted music whether you are having a party or just enjoying time alone. 

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