6 Gadget Watches that You’ll Wish You Own

Technology is taking over the world and has changed the way humans do a lot of things. Unlike in the past, where watches would only tell you the time, smartwatches today do more than that. They can tell the time and perform other functions as well, showing the wonderful benefits of technological integration. Some of these gadget watches may need to be paired to smartphones for full function while others work well, even without the intervention of smartphones.

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In this article, we outline some of the best gadget watches that you wish could be yours. These models deliver nothing short of quality and wonderful user experience. Read on for more below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung smartwatches are known to provide a seamless experience for its users and are one of the best smartwatch brands in the market right now. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is fun and easy to navigate watch that consumers love. With a vivid touch and sharp display, this watch is one you must have. The watch is also lightweight yet compact, a feature that most of its users cherish.

The watch also features the Tizen operating system that ensures smooth operation and that the watch is battery friendly. While it does not feature a large app selection, the watch has the essential applications such as Strava and Spotify. 

Just as its name suggests, this smartwatch is primarily used for tracking your physical activity. As such, it comes with an inbuilt GPS that works alongside other features to automatically track your workouts, sleep and food, caffeine, and water intake. It features a Running Coach that helps you understand what to expect from your workout by breaking it down for you. 

The phone utilizes the Android notification system to deliver real-time updates to you. You can reply using the in-built keyboard, your voice, or the quick answers it offers. The gadget’s battery life is considerably longer as it can last between 2 to 3 days. It is water-resistant, meaning that you can use it in an environment with water. 

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Fossil Sport

The Fossil Sport is a powerful smartwatch that you should consider buying if you do not have one. It features a lightweight yet compact design, making it comfortable to wear. 

It features a Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset for a smooth experience and is powered by Wear OS. This means that the smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iPhones. The gadget watch tracks your activity and heart rate through the Google Fit and the built-in GPS. It has the Google Assistant built-in and ensures speedy checkout when you use the Google Pay feature.

You can receive alerts from apps and your smartphone and respond to them from the smartwatch. You can also download third-party apps and have a view of your calendar and control your music from the watch. With the touchscreen functionality, it is easy to customize the face of your watch so that it reflects your style and personality. 

With approximate 24-hour battery life, this watch has a considerable battery capacity that any watch lover would appreciate. It comes with a magnetic USB rapid charger that charges it up to 80% in less than an hour. It sports an aluminum case and silicone band and still manages to stay lighter than most models in the market.

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Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch is an absolute favorite among iOS users. However, this is one of the best gadget watches you can use, thanks to its superior hardware and software compilation. 

The most recent Apple Watch Series 5 is one you do not want to miss. It features an onboard GPS, a heart rate monitor that is always on, an accelerometer, an LTE, and NFC. These are all fitness sensors that the watch uses to gauge your state throughout the day. Also, it is water-resistant. 

You can easily interact with the Apple Watch thanks to its interactive WatchOS. You can connect the watch to your iPhone, view the notifications from the comfort of your wrist, and even respond to them. If you do not want to respond, you can switch to the Do Not Disturb mode and concentrate on other things.

The gadget watch features the Watch App Store that allows you to download its apps directly on your watch, directly eliminating the need for an iPhone for downloads. You can customize what appears on the screen by choosing a theme that will display several options on your screen or by simply choosing to put up a few icons on the display. Whichever the case, the ability to customize helps you own the watch fully.

The battery life of the watch is also good as it can go for up to 2 days when fully charged. If you have an iPhone, this is one of the best gadget watches you can use. 

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Skagen Falster 3

Most gadget watches in this list c=scream modern-design, and yet, some people want smartwatches that feel more traditional. If this is you, we have not forgotten you. The Danish watch brand Skagen Falster delivers the benefits of modern-day smartwatches in a traditional package. 

 The watch features a three-button layout. You can use one of the buttons with a rotating crown to scroll through Wear OS as opposed to touching the screen, which is not a common feature on most other smartwatches.

Also, unlike other smartwatches that come with silicone straps, this one has a variety of straps to choose from. They can either be leather, silicone, or metal. They also come in a variety of colors.

The watch tracks your physical activity and heart rate via Google Fit. It has an in-built GPS that tracks distance. It also features the Google Assistant app. It has a speaker that enables you to take phone calls and for audible alerts. You can download third-party apps to the watch

Additionally, it comes with a rapid USB charger, and the battery can last for days with the smart battery mode. It has a 1GB RAM and 4GB storage capacity, which is sufficient space.

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Misfit Command

This is yet another watch that does not fit the typical look of a smartwatch, so it would be best for those who prefer traditional-looking watches. Unlike most the more modern versions of smartwatches, you cannot see any activity on the screen even though it records steps, calories, and distance. You have to view any of your activity through either your Android or iPhone. 

The watch can give you notifications from your smartphone. However, you have to be careful with which apps you choose to get notifications from or else you will be receiving a lot of notifications which come as a buzz on your wrist. Alternatively, you can set the apps you choose to have their notifications come in at a specific time. Another stack difference between this gadget watch and the ones we have discussed so far is that this phone’s battery does not need to be recharged. Instead, it uses the CR2430 lithium battery that lasts as long as a year and can be replaced when depleted. 

If, therefore, you are looking for a more traditional feel, then this watch might be your perfect fitness companion. 

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Gadget Watches; Fitbit Versa Lite

The Fitbit entered the smartwatch scene as a fitness tracker. However, the Versa edition came in and changed things on the ground. The Fitbit Versa Lite looks just like the Apple watch, and yet it is one of the most affordable gadget watches in the market. The watch will automatically track your physical exercise, give application notifications, and remind you when you are supposed to be on the move, leaving no chance for mistakes.  

You can send replies as needed on your Android phone only. The battery lasts as long as four or five days before you need to recharge it, which is stellar performance compared to other smartwatches. However, the watch does not have an inbuilt GPS, which means that if distance tracking is important to you, you should look to other brands that can serve the purpose. 

The phone has a beautiful design, so it is slim and comfortable. Also, this lightweight watch is made of anodized aluminum and is water-resistant for up to 50 meters. It also features a high-resolution screen made from Corning Gorilla Glass 3. 

There are a myriad of gadget watches in the market that you can choose from as you seek your fitness companion. However, the ones we chose on this list are top of the range. Moreover, we included something for everyone, including those who love the concept of a smartwatch but the looks of a traditional watch. No matter the kind of watch you love, there is something for you. 

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