6 Remote Control Gadgets for Adults (Big Kids)

Remote control gadgets were almost a relic of the past, but they have experienced a rebirth, making them some of the most sought after gadgets in our time. If you thought that only kids enjoyed these toys, then think again. Kids were the first to popularize remote control toys, but with the technological advancements today, these gadgets are not just the fancy of children anymore.

Today, adults enjoy remote control cars as much as they enjoy drones and anybody, regardless of their age, can be interested in remote control gadgets.

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In this article, we discuss some of the remote control gadgets that can be of interest to you as an adult. These gadgets provide more than just fun and entertainment and can be used for other purposes as well. Dive in to know more.

Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo

If you are in search of small remote control gadgets that can do big things, then the Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo might be the perfect companion. This gadget is agile and can go up to 4.5 miles in an hour. Also, the Sumo jumps over two feet in one bound and can spin 180 degrees, making it an incredible gadget for fun and games. With an on-board camera and USB, you can record and upload videos of what you can do with the little jumping monster. The camera is wide-angle, which enables it to stream interesting views on the piloting screen.

Also, the Freeflight 3 app that comes with the drone gives you a chance to control the drone efficiently from the comfort of your smartphone over WiFi. To make turns, you have to swipe, and for more acrobatic moves such as spins and jumps, you have to hit predefined buttons. While this might look like too much to handle, you learn to work the jumping sumo like a pro. You can also program it to perform a sequence of tricks with the road plan mode. 

The camera also features a Lithium-Polymer battery, which makes it considerably longlasting for up to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, you may need to recharge the battery for an hour. This mini drone does a spectacular job, but you have to ensure it is sufficiently charged as it will not function when it is below 20% battery.

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Boosted 2 Dual+

There are only a few things as wonderful as an electric skateboard. The Remote 2 Dual+ is a handheld remote-controlled skateboard that may be of interest to skateboard lovers for its superb abilities. The remote control gadget can travel between 6 and 12 miles after a single charge and can go as fast as 22mph, making it ideal for commuting and climbing steep hills. The rider can apply brakes or accelerate when on the gadget, depending on their needs, creating a seamless experience using the Boosted 2 Dual+

To sum it all up, the skateboard is easy to carry around as it is light. The gadget is longlasting as it was designed with the demands of daily riding in mind. In terms of power, it has 2000 watts. To ensure that you are secure at all times, the skateboard also features an extra traction grid tape. 

The gadget also features a blue-tooth enabled remote that acts as a link between you and the world while riding and helps you navigate safely and securely.

If you have this skateboard, you are a step ahead of the rest because you can maneuver through traffic and bypass public transit. If you are tired of waiting for the bus, then this may be the right gadget for your transport needs. 

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Kamigami Lina Robot

If you are a lover of bugs, then this is a must-have in your remote control gadget collection. The Karigami Lina Robot resembles a ladybug in construction, but it can also in the form of a scorpion or rhinoceros beetle depending on what model you like. This clever robot allows you to perform a range of tricks by simply pushing a button. Through your manipulation, you can teach the Karigami to perform movements, dance or even battle with other gadgets. 

For kids, the Karigami Lina Robot is a simple and fun way to get them involved in STEM. The robot opens their minds to robotics engineering without taking out the fun. The child learns basic coding principles through the programming interface. Eventually, they learn how to design the movements they wish for the robot to take, even if they did not possess any programming skills before.

The makers of the robot designed the robot as foldable plastic pieces with snap rivets that are put together to form the robot. Also included in the package is an encased motor, a starter’s guide and charging cable. 

Whether you are a child or an adult, the Karigami Lina Robot is the perfect gadget to sharpen your building and programming skills while providing you with the ultimate fun experience. 

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Sphero BB-9E 

The Sphero BB-9E ushers you into the Star Wars world in style. This sphero-connected toy is designed for great control through either the Force Band add on or the smartphone through the Droids by Sphero app. The droid utilizes sophisticated technology to aid the First order’s quest for dominance within the galaxy.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then you are probably already familiar with the BB-8. You can consider the BB-8 to be BB-9E’s elder sibling as they share robotic ball technology. The BB-9E’s body houses a gyroscope that helps keep the ball upright, a motor, counterweights, magnets, wheels and other sophisticated electronic components. 

The BB-9E is portable and fits into the palm of your hand, just like its predecessor. The remote control gadget is black in color and is accentuated with gray highlights, with blue and red lights that appear on the head while in use. It is durable, thanks to its strong plastic build that comes in handy when it is in use. The ball can roll, smash onto surfaces, go around some corners and do it all at an incredible speed.

Just like the Karigami robot discussed above, this droid stimulates the brains of players with stem activities in place when you use the Sphero Edu app to complete commands. You can enjoy holographic simulation with the droid and app and can sit side by side with the BB-9E to enjoy Star War Saga films.

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Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

As a Star Trek lover, you must have thought about how cool it would be to have your own communicator. If this is you, then this is your dream come true. 

The Wand Company have done a great job compiling this advanced Bluetooth enabled speakerphone. This remote control gadget is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled communication tool you can find. This means that you can use it alongside your phone or as a music player comfortably. You can use this gadget to play your best Star Trek theme music or for your phone conversations without a problem. 

The device is a perfect replica of the device it was on Star Trek, which means you are getting absolute value for your money. Just like in Star Trek, the device chirps once you open it. However, the manufacturer added a variety of chirps that actualize depending on actions such as picking or ending a call and opening the flap. The chirps are accompanied by a panel of dials and lights depending on the activity. These features make this remote control gadget unique, and many who use it remain glued to it for this reason.

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Heng Long RC Tank 1:24

The M1 Abrams is considered one of America’s finest combat systems and stands out as one of the best-mechanized infantry. This Heng Long remote control gadget is a replica of the M1A2 Abrams Battle tanks and features everything you would expect from the original. It features an elevated gun that uses a dedicated pistol-grip controller and also independent turret rotation movement. The turret turns up to 300 degrees, which means that its scope of movement is large. 

You can overcome obstacles and tough terrains using the duel speed and independent suspension features. This lifelike replica can also climb slopes of 35 degrees thanks to the rubber belt-type tracks of the device. 

It has two safety buttons that are pressed together to enable the user to shoot. To add on to the excitement, a red light will flash just before you shoot with the gadget. There is an additional button located under the hatch that is conveniently used to switch off the firing mechanism. This remote control tank also comes with a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter, 9.6 V and 9V batteries, a bag of ammunition, a miniature military figure and figures for decoration which all add on to the fun experience it provides. 

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Also, buy your big kids one of these LED gadgets.

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