6 Art Gadgets for Art Enthusiast Friends

Art is therapeutic in many ways, as it can help you relax and can turn around your day if you had a bad one. Most people know students of art or art enthusiasts who are constantly in search of cool art supplies to make their work better. 

Art Gadgets

If you have been thinking of gifting your artistic friends or are an artist looking to improve their art creation collection, then there is good news for you. There is a myriad of items that can be perfect for you and the art enthusiasts in your life. These art gadgets will enhance their creativity while helping you celebrate their gift of art. 

We help you pick out the best art gadgets that are outstanding, and that will contribute to your or your friends’ artistic success. 

Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set

If you know an artist who has been struggling with getting an all-in-one art set, then you may be the answer to their prayer with this awesome art set.

 This 80-piece set includes drawing and painting supplies for both novice and seasoned artists and crafters. The set is versatile and includes 24 oil pastels, two drawing pencils, two paintbrushes, 24 watercolor cakes, 24 color pencils, sanding blocks, a pencil sharpener, and a kneaded eraser. No matter the type of artist in your life, they will enjoy getting such a dynamic set of supplies under one roof.

This gift set is enclosed in a portable, compact casing. It has compartments in which it holds the art supplies by categories so that they are always organized and in place. To top it all up, the art set is portable and can be carried around by your artistic friend whenever they go. Also, they can use it as a travel art set thanks to its portability. 

However, you should be careful with the gift set around children under six years because it contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard for young ones. 

The Darice 80-piece deluxe art set is an impressive gift for all artists.

Find the Darice 80-piece deluxe art set here on Amazon

Cutelola Electric Dotspen

The Cutelola electric dotspen stands out for being the world’s first electric dotspen, as its name suggests. The pen is rechargeable and can be utilized by artists to create intricate, beautiful dots in a picture. This product is also outstanding because it helps artists eliminate the wrist pain that is associated with creating details in the artwork.

This amazing pen can be put to use by both new and seasoned artists. For a new artist, the pen acts as a tool that eases them into the techniques involved in stippling, pointillism, drawing, comics, and anything else they would want to experiment with the pen. One thing is for sure; the new artist will quickly grasp these techniques quicker than when they use a normal pencil or pen.

The pen is easy to operate. It has an on/off button that the artist presses to engage the standard speed. For high speed, the artist has to press the button twice in quick succession. The pen’s cap is not to be removed as interfering with it leads to the destruction of the pen. Over time, the artist understands how to space his/her dots and direct the pen. 

The pen features a lithium battery and can be charged by plugging either into a personal computer or laptop using the USB charger. After charging, it can be used for approximately an hour and then recharged. Also included in the package an antimagnetic box and five ink refills so that you can use your pen more than just a few times. 

No matter the kind of art that you do, this pen is surely a valuable addition to your tools.

Find the Cutelola electric dotspen here on Amazon

642 Things to Draw: An Inspirational Sketchbook

Writers get writers’ block, a situation in which they do not feel inspired to write, and their minds slump at work. But this is not entirely a disease of the writers. All creative have a period in their lives where they feel like they have run out of inspiration. 

If this is you, then this art gadget is the answer that you have been searching for. It will unlock the creative juices so that you can begin creating art again. The book works for you by providing clever drawing prompts that spur your creativity. These include a myriad of simple, mind-bending, and basic prompts that will spark your mind back to life when you feel you need to draw. 

Unlike other sketchbooks, it does not feature any step-by-step instructions on how to draw, meaning that everyone can join in the fun, whether they are new or seasoned artists. If you are looking for something special for your artistically-inclined friends, then this may be the perfect item for them.

Find the 642 Things to Draw Sketchbook Here on Amazon

Artist’s Workplace Whimsical Watch

An artist-themed watch like this one is the perfect gift for an art enthusiast because it accurately represents an artist’s workspace. Whimsical watches are characterized by their uniqueness and how they can fit any occasion and will, therefore, be suitable for you or your artist friends. 

The watch is water-resistant, so you can have it on you even when swimming or in the shower. With a 1.5 inch diameter and 10-inch length, the watch can fit anyone. It also features a glass resistant watch and lithium-ion batteries. The brown band is made leather, meaning that the watch is long-lasting.

You can pair up the watch with matching whimsical earrings, charms or necklaces for a complete look. The watch fastens with a buckle, making it easy to put on while giving it a neat finish. With such a precise watch, you will be the topic of every conversation as you express one of your deepest interests.

Find the artist’s workplace Whimsical watch here on Amazon

Poseable mannequins Art Gadgets

One of the most challenging things for any beginning artist is drawing human figures. Many art departments understand this, and they have bucket loads of mannequins to help students master sketching human figures. 

As an art enthusiast, a poseable mannequin offers you a chance at articulation, and over time, you can improve your human anatomy sketches. The set comprises three movable mannequins (family model) for reference when sketching could do the trick for any art lover. 

Unigift’s mannequins are made of pinewood, which ensures they are durable and long-lasting. Aside from posing as miniature human forms, these mannequins can be used for decoration on shelves or beside tables and when painting. These mannequins are well-articulated and can be manipulated to imitate human actions, positions, and poses. The joints can be rotated to achieve these positions and poses so that the artist can express themselves fully as they draw or paint. 

The mannequins can also be used as props during photography as they are a clever addition to the settings. Lastly, children can use mannequins as puzzle toys. When they dismantle the figures and put them back together, they develop their imaginative abilities. These mannequins are, therefore, good for artists as well as other creative people. 

Find Unigift’s poseable mannequins here on Amazon

Panono Pro 360° High-Resolution Panoramic camera

Artists like to take snaps of their subjects, and at varying angles, so they can study them later as they begin to sketch and eventually draw. If you are buying yourself a camera, then what would be better than a small camera that can take panoramic photos? The Panono Pro 360° camera is everything you ever wished for in a panoramic camera. It features 36 cameras within the ball, and these work together to take a picture in each direction. 

The camera lenses are protected by the tough plastic shell, making the camera one of the most durable 360° options. This handy art gadget comes with a case that you can use to carry it conveniently wherever you go. It has a button and the USB port that can be used to charge it. The Panono tripod and adapter are used to attach to the USB port so that the camera is securely in place before use. The camera features 16GB memory and has a dedicated smartphone app to ensure control.

Find the Panono Pro 360° High-Resolution Panoramic camera here

Artists work hard to add spice to life, and that is why they deserve only the best art gadgets. In this article, we have discussed six art gadgets that are a pleasant addition to any artist’s collection of tools. Whether you are an artist or someone looking to gift an artist with something special, these six gadgets are some of the best that you can get them. From poseable mannequins to the whimsical watch and the Panono camera, choosing one of these items is a good idea, and you will thank yourself for it. The outcome of using these art gadgets will surely be a testimony of your good decisions in the long run. 

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