6 Excuses For Being Late For Class That Sound Realistic

Have you ever been late for your class in the past? You will note that you are not alone. Most students normally get late for classes at one time or another. Others, usually miss their classes altogether. First, you will note that being late for classes might annoy your teacher. He or she might punish you for being late for classes.

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Some teachers do not allow students to enter classes once the lesson has begun. Well, you might get late with a genuine reason. However, some of the reasons might not be acceptable to your teacher. He or she might think that you just want to justify the reason for being late. The good news is that this article will help you know some excuses for being late for class. One advantage of these excuses is that they sound realistic. They include:

Your bus got faulty or was involved in an accident

Most students normally travel to school by bus among other means. Your bus might have had an accident on your way to school. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to walk on foot if the distance between the scene of the accident and school is long. Also, you might not have more fare to spend on another bus to school. Since your driver might have told you to be patient as the bus gets repaired by a professional mechanic, you might delay a long way.

Sometimes, the bus might not necessarily get an accident but it might get faulty along the way. This means that you will spend more time along the way. This can be two to three hours. Therefore, once you get to school, you can convince the teacher that the bus you were traveling in got faulty or was involved in an accident. Such issues usually happen from time to time. Your teacher will understand and allow you to enter the classroom and learn with the rest.

Bad apple

You might have attended an event during the weekend where you ate different kinds of foods. Sometimes, your body might react badly after taking these foods. You might start vomiting and diarrhea thereafter. This can be detrimental. This is commonly known as food poisoning. The bad news is that this problem can last for many hours. Anytime you try to take something, you might end up vomiting it. If you were preparing to go to school on Monday and you start vomiting, you might not even be able to board the school bus. Therefore, you will get late. 

You might choose to remain at home or in the hostel for a few hours to check if the problem will cease. To mitigate this problem, you need to buy a few drugs and this might take you more time. Therefore, if you manage to get to school, you can convince your teacher that you puked all over the bathroom throughout the night and even in the morning hours. While this might be untrue, your teacher will understand and allow you in.

Traffic jam or no conveyance

This is a common phenomenon in many places. Your road to school might have had a traffic jam during the morning hours. There are many things that might cause a traffic jam. This might be as a result of an accident or pure bad luck. Such occurrences are normally out of your control if there is no alternative route to your school. You might spend more time on the traffic jam.

The worst can happen if your driver tries to maneuver the traffic jam and somewhere along the way, he hits another car from behind. This can be terrible. You might have to spend more time along the way. If you are planning to use this excuse, you should point out the specific traffic jam you have encountered on your trip. Your teacher is likely to understand you and thereby avoid punishment in the long run.

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Besides encountering a traffic jam along the way, there are days when the bus might not show up. This could be due to mechanical problems and so on. Ideally, any form of transportation makes life more comfortable. If your school is far from your home, you might choose to remain at home rather than walk to school and arrive there fatigued.

Therefore, you can tell your professor that you did not manage to board a bus because you do not find one on that day. It was an unforeseen circumstance that made you remain at home. More often than not, he will leave you off the hook.

Family emergency

Sometimes, the best excuses are often the saddest reasons such as having a family emergency. In most cases, you will note that this is a sudden happenstance of an unfortunate event in your home. Therefore, you have to excuse yourself no matter what your situation is.

If you have never used this excuse in the recent past, you can use it so that the teacher can leave you off the hook. Sometimes, it is normally used by most students out there. However, as long as you are honest, your professor will listen to you. Sometimes, it might be only a minor emergency such as having to take your little sister to the hospital due to tummy aches, headaches and so on.

Other times, it can be more serious issues such as getting a phone call from a relative asking for urgent help in a dire situation which could lead to panicking. If you choose to use this excuse, you have to be careful with the things you post on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, you should avoid posting something that might make the professor think that you lied to him or her. To avoid such issues, you can avoid being online on that day.

Bad weather

If you reside far away from school, this excuse can do you some justice. For instance, if you live in an area that experiences flash floods, you can use this excuse wisely. If there was heavy rainfall last night, you can tell the lecturer that you could not arrive early due to bad weather. You might have been trapped in the fog, blown away by the wind or even stuck in the snow. 

If there is still rainfall in the morning hours, your teacher might excuse you. You can even write a letter stating the events and even let your mum sign it for it to make it more believable. Also, you can text a classmate before the weather gets worse. Harsh weather conditions will always favor you if the weather was indeed appalling. This excuse has worked well for some students in the past.

Excuses For Being Late For Class; Loss or theft

Some places usually experience high cases of insecurity. Such areas re prone to theft, burglary among other social evils. Although this excuse might seem worse to you, it can be a plausible excuse. Your teacher might try to figure out the situation and even sympathize with you. He can imagine that robbers came to your home and store all your valuables, leaving you traumatized and confused. Sometimes, thieves usually choose to steal in the wee hours of the morning.

If you choose to tell this story, you have to be sure about what you are saying. You would not want to tell this story when you are smiling. You have to fake it and look like you are sad and remorseful. You can even state that all your money was gone and hence you had to walk to school.

Also, you can say that you have not even had breakfast and you feel helpless. The teacher might be merciful to you and allow you to attend the class. He or she might choose to buy you lunch that day and allow you to be absent for a few days as you sort a few issues in your home or place of residence.

Being late for class is normal. However, some lecturers usually make it look so terrible out there. Sometimes, you might have a genuine reason while other times, you might oversleep and wake up later than usual. This is usually the case when you watch movies up to the wee hours. By the time, that you are sleeping, it is already dawn. If you had planned to wake up at 7 a.m, you might wake up at 10 a.m. Skipping a lecture or class is not an option. You have to be present to learn the topic of the day.

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Therefore, you need to come up with excuses that look realistic. In the past, most students have come up with funny excuses that made them suffer in the long run.

Making your excuses look real can save you the agony of getting punished. Also not being allowed to attend the class can be very embarrassing before your peers. Therefore, consider these excuses for being late for class today and you will not be frustrated. They have worked well for others in the recent past. They can also work well for you too.

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