6 Sports Leisure Vacation Ideas for Any Time of Year

Physical fitness is an important aspect of our overall health, and though maintaining fitness routines is easy during workdays. Achieving the same during vacation can be hard. However, to ensure your vacation is relaxing sports leisure vacation ideas will not only keep you fit but are also fun and help you to create memories with loved ones as well as make new friends. 

Join in as we go through 6 sports leisure vacation ideas that you can enjoy ant time of the years, as well as safety tips and packing tips before embarking on the trip. 

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Water sports top the list, with snorkeling taking lead. Snorkeling is a water sport where tourists get to view underwater attractions by using a diving mask and swim fins. Snorkeling can be done on either large or small water bodies. Additionally, while snorkeling you get to watch underwater tournaments such as snorkeling rugby or underwater hockey. 

Although you might not be part of a snorkeling rugby or hockey team during your vacation, you get to enjoy these games as you explore the different underwater creatures and features. Snorkeling is also a great way to capture new moments and can also be done at any time of the year. 

However, before paying for any travel and holiday plans, find out whether the resorts offer to allow this recreational sport. 


This is one of the most common recreational sport you can enjoy with loved ones. And the best part is you get to enjoy swimming at any time of the year in any country. Swimming has for years been seen as a great work out but most importantly it is a great vacation leisure sport.

Swimming is a great family and friends sport. The next time you are on vacation have a great time with your family as your battle your way to the finish line. However, if you are alone on vacation swimming can also be a great way to meet new people. 

Rock Climbing

Another sports leisure vacation idea for you during your next holiday, is rock climbing, however, rock climbing is fun with a group of friends and is a popular team building activity.

There are two types of rock climbing, outdoor rock climbing, and indoor rock climbing, with outdoor bouldering, you get to experience and appreciate nature around without the busy city life. Outdoor rock climbing is ideal for experienced rock climbers, as it can be hard if you are a beginner. 

For a beginner rock climber, the indoor course is the best option, the indoor option gives you time to find out how much you enjoy rock climbing and allows you to grow your skills. This activity will push you beyond your comfort zone, create new memories. 

And with the two options, you get to enjoy rock climbing at any time of the year. 

Bike Riding 

Cycling has for years being used as a means of transport, however, its popularity grew to a form of exercise and even a sport. Cycling is fun and ideal for all ages. A fun vacation idea to learn something new for all your family members. 

Cycling during vacation takes different forms from mountain bike riding to fun tournaments, or even as a form of transport around your destination. Some hotels and clubs also offer training sessions for the young ones.

Vacationing with your young ones does not have to be hectic, booking a cycling training session, will not only help them create memories but also gives you a time to relax as you unwind under the sunset during your holidays. 

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Besides swimming, another water sport you can enjoy on vacation is kayaking. There are several types of kayaks, depending on the size, some kayaks are designed to accommodate one person while others can accommodate two to three people.

Kayaking is a fun sport and can be done on any water body, the great thing about the sport, is, you do not have to be experienced. There are different devices suitable for beginners to help you master the art as you enjoy your vacation. Kayaking is also an ideal leisure sport that one can enjoy any time of the year. 


Although many people do not consider horse riding as a sport, horse riding is one of the oldest leisure sport. While experienced horse riders make the riding look easy and effortless, horse riding requires both physical and mental preparedness. 

Create those memories as you enjoy a horse riding experience with your loved one, the thrill, and new experience will ensure your vacation is unforgettable. Horse riding is also a great sport as on can enjoy it at any time of the year while planning for your vacation to find clubs that have ranches as this gives you the full horse riding experience. While you are at it you may also get to watch a few horse-riding activities. 

Safety Tips

For you to enjoy a full holiday experience, it is essential to consider your safety during the vacation. Some for the safety tips to consider include.

Listen to your body, like other sports or work out experiences. It is always important to listen to your body. If you feel exhausted and tired take time out, hydrate and rest. You may be tempted to do beyond your body’s ability but the end goal is to have a fun experience and this will not happen if you keep pushing your body beyond. 

Get a go-ahead from your physician, some of these activities are strenuous and may require a go-ahead from your physician. If you have any health complications find out how far you can go. Additionally, expectant and young children should also be advised before taking part in any of these activities. 

In addition, if you do not have any health conditions, have an overall health check-up before the trip. This will help you find out how much you can and what you cannot as well as what is safe and what is not. 

Have a first-aid kit, another key safety tip is to carry your first aid kit, this might sound extreme but wait, hear me out. A personal first aid kit has your recommended medicines. You may also include other small items, though the resorts and hotels have first aid kits, it is essential to bring along your medicines to avoid things such as allergic reactions to some of the medicines or equipment used in a case of a bruise or cut. 

Have supervised session, ensure you have supervision from qualified personnel. Sports such as kayaking though beginner friendly may be overwhelming for the first time, always ensure you have a supervisor to guide you along the way. Having a supervisor also reduces the risk of accidents.  

Packing Tips for a Sports Leisure Vacation

Have a list of your essentials, write down a list of all the essentials you will need during the trip. As you pack your clothes and valuable, have a list to ensure you do not forget important items. Additionally, carry your list along with you to help you in packing after the trip.

Find out the right outfits for the sport, remember the vacation is all about sport leisure ideas. After selecting your ideal vacation, find out some of the sports available. For instance, if your sports leisure will be cycling then bring along shoes and clothes suitable for this activity, this reduces extra expenses during the trip and ensure you are safe and comfortable. 

However with some sports such as snorkeling, horse riding or kayaking, one may need to rent the sportswear and equipment used, find out how much it costs to rent this equipment. 

Use the right bag, the final packing tip for a sports leisure vacation is using the right bag, besides packing the right sport’s wear, it is also essential to pack the right back. For instance, if you are going on a camping trip then carrying a suitcase may not be suitable, use the right bag for your trip to avoid losing your valuables and having too much unnecessary luggage. 

More tips

Try out new sports, be open to try out new things. You do not have to be an expert in any said sport. To make those lasting memories you need to be willing to try out something new every time, in the process, you will also learn new skills or even meet new people.

Remember it is a vacation, the main idea behind a vacation is to relax and unwind from the busy city life. As you enjoy the sports remember to relax and bond with your family. Though these games are thrilling and captivating, strike a balance. But most importantly have fun. 

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Bottom Line

Sports leisure vacation to get new experiences, you do not have to go for the normal, old holiday routines. Try out different things, visit different countries and while at it incorporate one of these sports leisure vacation ideas.

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