6 Men’s Apartment Essentials Perfect for Housewarming Gifts

You have been invited to a housewarming party by your friend, finding gifts for your bachelor friend might not be a hurdle, but buying gifts that save on space allowing them to slowly buy things that blend in with their personality, pocket-friendly and useful Apartment Essentials, may not be easy. 

But fret not, these 6 essential gifts for your male friend are not only useful but do not cause chaos in space and they leave a lasting impression in the house. But most importantly, you will not need to break your bank account to purchase these gifts. 

Men’s Apartment Essentials/Apartment Essentials

Let’s dive right in.

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

A man cave is not whole without a dartboard game, this electronic dartboard is a perfect housewarming gift that gives life to a house. Brighten up those boy’s night or even the housewarming party by playing this dartboard game. 

The Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard game has an integrated scoreboard but the best part is the built-in cabinet doors. The built-in cabinets are a great way to save on space while keeping the house tidy. Additionally, they can easily fit in small spaces making it an ideal gift for a man’s apartment.

You get to enjoy 38 continuous games, the cyber play has up to 5 skill levels and can accommodate 8 players in a single game, with a 13.5 inches target. This dartboard game has an LCD display with an easy to read panel, you also get to enjoy 6 tips, and an AC adopter. 


Candletheory Scented Man Candles

The perfect housewarming gift for your male friend is this 3 scented candles with a fresh shave, smoked suede, and warm tobacco aroma. The scented candles are a key essential in turning those stressful days to warm and calm evenings. Scented candles have for years being used as an aromatherapy to relieve stress. 

In addition, these candles can burn for approximately 35 to 40 hours when used correctly, candlestheory scented candles use 100% natural wax, does not contain pesticide elements and is sustainable.

Scented candles are also a great gift idea as a valentine, Christmas or as a birthday gift. 


OPUX Premium Rabbit Wine Opener Set

Another essential house warming gift for your bachelor friend is this premium wine opener set. The set has 8 wine accessories from a corkscrew wine opener, two spare corkscrew spirals, foil cutter, a wine stopper, a drip ring, a vacuum stopper, and a wine pourer. 

Opux premium wine opener is easy to use, durable and an ideal gift set for starting out a house warming party, let your friend serve his guests in style. And if your friend enjoys drinking wine, then he will enjoy sipping on his glass of red wine as he watches his favorite show under the scented candlelit space. 

The wine opener is available in silver and bronze shades and is a great way to show your friend you care about them and are always with them even in their new home. 

Find this beautifully packaged set on amazon at a friendly price, the gift set can also be shipped to different countries.


A Cookbook

Another essential house warming gift for a bachelor is a cookbook. Everyone enjoy a hearty, home cooked meal and your friend will appreciate this resourceful gift. The Essential Mediterranean Cookbook by Dr. Julian Cox is a priceless piece for any new home, the book not only offers easy to prepare, and healthy meals but the ingredients are affordable. 

You also do not have to worry about spending the entire day cooking and the other part of the day cleaning the utensils, most of the recipes will take approximately 30 minutes and are one-pot dishes. 


Multipurpose and Multifunctional Repair tools

Moving into a new house is a great experience but is tiresome and in the process, one may forget some important things or repair details before moving in. Having a multipurpose pliers around the house ensures one can complete easy repairs without extra costs. 

Making a multi-purpose an important house warming gift for a guy, the Rose Kuli 7” Portable Multipurpose Multitool Multifunctional Pocket Mini Tools with Axe Hammer, has a hammer, a saw, slotted screwdriver, pliers, rasper, wire cutter, a wrench, and a bottle opener.

A great addition to the tool kit, this multipurpose tool is portable, durable, effective but most suitable for easy home repairs, camping, hiking or fishing. 

Get this useful, effective housewarming gift on Amazon for approximately $30. 


Key Holder

A key holder is a thoughtful housewarming gift, but why not take the thought a notch higher. The Spiretro Wall Mount Entryway has a key holder hook, envelope holder and a decorative shelf. This piece has a rustic style and brings warmth to a new house. 

But the best part, it is a safe and an easy way to store small items that may get lost as one get familiar with a new place. The wall mount is made from wood and metallic screws giving the house a balance of both a modern and rustic touch.

This wall mount is just the right size, with the piece measuring 16.5 inches in width by 9.75 inches height by 4.5 inches length, it is also easy to install.

Besides being a great way to store keys and other small items, the piece is also used as a decorative stand. Keeping the new house neat and beautiful. 


If a friend or family member is moving into a new house or even state, then it is thoughtful to help create memories by gracing their house with essential tools or decorative items. That are not only beautiful but also useful. And although the list above cuts across different parts of the house, it may not work for everyone, to ensure you give the best gifts to your loved one, here are important things to consider before buying that housewarming gift.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Housewarming Gift for a Bachelor

Color, this is one of the most important aspects to consider before buying any gift. Find out your friend’s favorite color, however, if it is not possible to get this information then go for neutral colored items.

For instance, you can never go wrong with black, grey or white. Your ideal gift, however, might not be available in these colors, colors such as gold and bronze are also great when buying a gift for your male friend.

However do not be afraid to try out different colors, you might be surprised at how new colors fascinate people, and this may be the case with your friend.

What do they need? Another factor you may need to consider when buying a gift is what they need. For instance, if your small brother has just moved into his first house. Then you are in a better position to find out what they might need to kick start this new phase of their life. You could buy a coffee maker, or better yet a multipurpose tool.

Is the gift useful? Remember you are shopping for a house warming gift, this is the start of a new chapter and a new beginning. You want to ensure your gift does not occupy space without helping in the new life.

Sentimental and Unique gifts, maybe your friend is relocating to a new town, then, in this case, you would want your gifts to be sentimental. Such a gift brings life and warmth to a new house. Bringing a unique and sentimental gifts shows you are thoughtful and care about the relationship you have with the receiver. And the thought may become more precious than the actual gift.

Other important questions to ask yourself before buying a gift, will the gift be the cause of more clutter in the new house? How long will the gift last? What do you feel about the gift you are about to buy, would you want to receive such a gift? And can you get a better option?

These are important questions to guide you when buying a gift and cut across, new and old friends.

Bonus Tip

If even with all the tips, you are still not settled on a perfect and essential gift, then consider a gift card. A gift card gives your friend the freedom to decide what he needs or wants in their new house.

Conclusion on Apartment Essentials

The next time you are out shopping for the perfect housewarming gift, follow this list and factors to help you in buying the best gift. But remember to always consider the price of the gift, though sharing and buying gifts shows you care and is thoughtful, it is important to consider your financial position. You might want to buy an expensive gift but you are not in the position to do so at the moment, do not feel bad, sometimes the thought counts more than the actual gift. Find other ways to show you care and value the relationship.

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