6 Simple Apps That Made Millions in Profits

Applications are software created to help individuals to perform certain tasks on their computer devices. There are two types of Applications that is mobile Apps and Desktop Applications. Apps are meant to run under an operating system. 

Applications can either run online or offline on your devices. The main purpose of Apps is for helping businesses to connect with their clients in the most effective and efficient way. Helpful Applications enhance the productivity of a business in a large way.

When you visit your App store you will find so many applications available for use. This shows that there are many people who have a lot of ideas when it comes to the creation of Applications. Many IT experts are focusing on learning the code language so that they may be able to develop Applications. 

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Before starting developing an App it is important to understand your niche and the market gap. This way you will be able to create an App that will be of benefit to society.

 Despite the fact there, there are so many Apps not all of them are making money. One of the reasons could be some of the App creators did not have a plan on how the App is going to generate profits. Nevertheless, there are simple Apps that made millions in profit. Understanding the needs of your clients will help you to create an App that will help you increase your revenues. 

Businesses are creating Applications so that they may acquire a large number of customers and this has worked for some while others made losses. The reason why businesses are running towards making mobile Apps is because of the changes in technology. Also, the area we are at people wants to shop in the comfort of their homes.

 In this article, we shall discuss some simple Apps that made millions in profits over the season. These Apps can be of help to you if you’re considering creating an App. You can be able to use the strategic plans they had while creating the App so that you can have a bearing and planning.

The companies or individuals that made these simple Apps made millions in profits effortlessly. When it comes to coding they did not do a lot but the Applications brought in millions of Profits.

One of the most common things about all these Applications is that they are simple and they have features that are user-friendly.

Draw Something Application 

 This is one of the most popular Applications when it comes to drawing. This App was created OMGPop and was launched on 6th February 2012. During the first five weeks after the application was launched, it is said that the Draw Something Application was downloaded by 20 million people.

The Application helps individuals to play fun games that they can compete with each other. For you to be able to win the game you need to be a fast drawer so that you can finish drawing on time. In this limited time, you can be able to draw as many drawings as possible.

The Application is user-friendly because you don’t have to be an artist so that you can use the Application. Also, you draw things from doodles and therefore you can be able to draw and Guess. The beauty of this game is that you get to enjoy and have fun for free. This is because the Application is free.

At seven weeks after the launch of the Application, it was already making millions of money. The developer took the Application to a developer Zynga who bought it for 180 million dollars. The App became very popular in almost every country on which people did millions and millions of drawings every day.

There were so many other Applications that were before drawing something and their revenues could not beat the Application. This was a surprise to both the developer and the people using the Application.

 The user-friendliness of the Application and the fact that it was free to download and install it and devices is one of the reasons why Draw Something set the pace when it comes to earning revenues on Applications.

Draw Something grew very much and created 34 other games.

Fat booth 

 Fat booth is another simple App that made millions in profits. The App was created and developed by Pivi&Co. The Application was launched in May 2010. After it’s launching it was declared as one of the most downloaded Apps for the next 12 months. The platform that fat booth operates on IOS and Android.

 How the fat booth Application works is a user will upload a photo of themselves and their Application will look like after they have added weight.  The App is simply trying to show you how you will look like when you are fat. Many people have an issue with weight and this is kind of an Application that brings curiosity and they would want to see what they look like if they added 100 pounds.

The Application sells at 0.99 dollars and has been one of the best Applications that are selling in the market. The estimated revenue of the fat booth was 24 million dollars.

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Flappy Bird 

Flappy Bird is another example of simple Apps that made millions after it was launched. The developers Doug Nguyen launched the App in May 2013.

 The App was sold at one dollar to download and was already making 50000 dollars a day.

The game was so addictive and many people got to subscribe to it. The estimated revenue of the Application was 320 million.

 Due to the addictions of people in this game the game no longer exists. It was shut down by the developer in February 2014.

Bubble free 

The App was created by Falcon Mobile Inc and launched in June 2008. The Application has over 12 million downloads and when it comes to their profits they have made over 7 million dollars in profits.

The App is about popping bubble wraps and being able to experience the same kind of feeling you would have in reality. The App is all about being able to understand the habits that one exhibits when one comes into contact with something.

People want to connect with Applications that are able to give them an experience they are currently going through. Bubble up took that opportunity and has been able to make millions of money by creating real experiences with an Application.

You can easily download the application because it is free of charge.

Simple Apps That Made Millions; WhatsApp 

WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan koum in the year 2009. The current CEO of WhatsApp is Mark Zuckerberg. The estimated revenue of WhatsApp is 5 billion dollars.

 Almost everyone in the Globe has the Application installed on their phones. This is because it is a simple App that everyone can be able to use for the purposes of communication. You can make calls, text, and video calls with the Application. The Application is absolutely free to install on your phone.

 In February 2014 Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars and from September 2014 WhatsApp has already generated revenue of 1.289 million dollars. Currently, WhatsApp is worth 50.7 billion dollars.

Flick Football 

Flick football Application was launched in August 2007 and the developer of the Application is called Olie Christie together with his business partner. This is a gaming Application that has really changed the evolution of gaming. The Application operates in both Android and IOS.

For the lovers of football, this is an interesting Application because it helps you to score goals by swiping the ball. This Application has been an addiction especially to those people who love football because they want to ensure at the end of the game they win.

One of the reasons why flick Football as one of the simple Apps that made millions is because it was launched 20 days before the World Cup of 2007. Many people downloaded the Application on their phones so that they can be able to score the goals.

 On the estimations of the profits, the flick football Application has made the total comes in 25 million dollars.

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In conclusion, it is important that you ensure every idea that comes into your mind you have tried it out. This is because these simple Apps that made millions were ones an idea in a person’s mind. The person stepped out and tried it out and became a success. Do not allow yourself to be left behind because you can be one of the people that will bring a big thing in the market that will be able to help people.

Don’t allow anyone to look down on your ideas because there will always be people who may not believe in you. Execute the dream that you have because it may give you the best results that you never thought of.

There are many other Applications that the article has not mentioned and you can consider researching them so that you can be able to know the strategic plan that was put so that they could prosper.

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