6 Best Solo Traveler Apps to Enhance the Experience

Gone are the days when people used to demand directions while traveling to an unfamiliar location. Do you know how awkward it is to keep asking for directions in this era?

Due to the rapid technological advancements, you can travel anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone.

Many apps have been developed to help solo travelers reach their destinations without much struggle. However, finding the best app may be very daunting for you.

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Check out some of the best solo traveler apps below!


You may not be the only one heading in a particular direction. Many people travel every day in the same direction. Have you ever sat next to someone on a bus only to find out you’re both heading in the same direction?

Backpackr gives you the chance to meet and interact with people heading in the same direction as you.  You can contact someone heading in the same direction as you by messaging them.

This app also gives you numerous ideas on the best restaurants available, bars, hostels in case you run late on your trip.

It has tabs to help you acquire information worldwide as well as know what is happening around you. You can make a date with someone traveling the same destination as you through the backpackr app.

Also, this app will give you frequents pop-ups in case another traveler is en route to your destination.

Backpackr offers all this at a very affordable price. It is one of the best solo traveler apps.

This app can be accessed via Android or iPhone.


Are you a woman and wish to find other solo travelers of the same gender? The Tourlina app has your back.

Most women like traveling as compared to men. However, most of them find it uncomfortable being in company with a male traveler. They believe that having a male companion may lead to something more than a typical relationship.

With Tourlina, there are no such incidents. It is strictly finding a travel companion. It isn’t a dating app.

Before using the Tourlina app, you must be verified by their teams since they value their customers. They aim at providing quality services to their clients. Verification also helps to determine if the traveler is male or female.

Connections on this app are made based on your plans. Tourlina app can help you find your long life best friend whom you share similar travel experiences.

One unique thing about the Tourlina app is that it is the first women-only app, too bad for men, right? Also, not only do you find travel buddies locally, but also from abroad. Also, this app is available in three different languages English being the most basic.

If you are a woman, grab this Tourlina app right now available for both android and iPhone users.

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With Travello, you can discover other travelers nearby and arrange for a meeting. It also gives you a chance to update your posts and photos. This makes it easier to interact with other solo travelers like you efficiently.

It has various groups of people with different interests to choose from. This makes it a lot easier to find travelers heading in the same direction as you.

It also gives you amazing deals from all around the world. Do not be a loner while traveling. Use this app to interact with other solo travelers.

Who doesn’t like rewards? This app gives rewards in the form of points and status badges upon purchasing their experiences. The points may be redeemed at any time.

Travello also connects you to people from all over the world. You are not geographically limited.

Grab this app now. It is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Bumble BFF

The only way to create meaningful relationships and expand your social life is through the Bumble BFF app. It is an app that is very easy and simple to use.

It doesn’t matter who or where you are, you can create and build a community around you with the Bumble BFF app.

Are you in need of someone to date? This is the perfect app to use. Not only does it help solo travelers by linking them with other people, but also it allows finding a date.

According to the report made by the Bumble BFF app, its users spend at least 62 minutes per day on the app. This shows that it is an addictive app.

Some of the rules drafted by the Bumble BFF app are banning mirror selfies and the use of obscure faces.

To join the app, you will need to create an account. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.


It is more of a dating app than a travel app. Swipe is a crucial feature of the tinder app. A user can swipe right if he/she likes potential matches. If not, then you should swipe left to continue with your search.

Also, this app gives you a chance to exchange messages with persons of similar interests as yours. This only happens after there is a match between the two users.

Additionally, you can access each other’s photos through this app. How is this possible? There is an integration of this app with Instagram. You can also find frequent connections by using this app.

Also, the tinder app allows you to see anyone who likes you before swiping. However, this is a premium subscription feature called the tinder gold.

Trusting someone you’ve met online might be difficult for some people. What if the person you liked is not the same as the one who shows up? What if there are emergency issues and you need some assistance? With the tinder app, this doesn’t have to be a challenge to you. 

There is a feature recently introduced to reduce such instances and protect tinder users. You will need to verify your photos after liking each other. Also, the panic button provides features like location tracking and response to emergencies. This makes the app secure and safer for its users.

Also, through subscriptions, the tinder app limits access to its services. Also, users are charged according to their age groups. With tinder plus, a subscription released recently, you have access to unlimited matches.

Tinder app has its users from all over the world. It gives you options to use over 40 languages.


Are you a solo traveler in search of a unique home dining experience? Worry no more. BonAppetour can give you the best experience you need as a solo traveler. It connects people from all over the world. You are not limited to geographic location.

If you are quick to notice, this app is mainly concerned with food. They have skilled and passionate chefs to provide you with a memorable experience for your trip. This should be the number one app you think of when traveling alone to an unknown place.

Some, if not all, of us don’t like eating from the restaurants. You need a great home-cooked meal. A meal that tastes home. There is a vast difference from the one found in restaurants.

A strong friendship can blossom just from a simple home-cooked meal. There is that bond created between the solo traveler and the chef. There is a difference between a chef and a cook. If you need the difference, try this app now.

You can also share your food preference for a perfect experience. The payments platforms are safe and secure and can be booked in advance for the best experience.

There are no many requirements for this app. All you need is your appetite for exploration.  The good thing about this app is you can host. However, you must get people to trust you before hosting them. The app allows you to post pictures and descriptions on your profile. 

a car navigation app

After gaining approval for your hosting, you should treat your guests well by giving them the best experience they deserve. Have the capabilities of accommodating guests with special dietary requirements and requests.

  • The above are just some of the best apps to have while traveling. The list is endless, but we narrowed down to the best ones. We want to help you gain the best travel experience. That will only happen after you’ve tried using one or two of the above apps. As seen, the apps are easy to use. They have been customized to meet the interests and requirements of the user.
  • It is easy to get these apps. All you need is to download them, and you are there. It will be a waste of your time if you read this article and did nothing. It won’t cost you anything to try.
  • Also, most of the apps will require you to create an account for you to start using them. Do not be resistant to doing so. Also, it will be useful to turn on your device location. This information will help them give you companions based on your current location. You might find your neighbor traveling the same route as you. You never know.

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