6 Best Ethical Pet Products for Conscientious Cat Owners

Do you own a pet, especially a cat? Do you know how to take good care of it? What products do you use on your pets? Are you aware of ethical issues while purchasing pet products?

Having a pet is one thing, and being able to take care of it is another. There are some things you will need for you to take good care of your pet. Finding the best ethical pet products may be daunting at times.

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We shall clue you with some of the best ethical pet products for your cat. Continue reading to find out more.

Litter Tray

Are you aware that your cat can have stress if not well cared for? Even if your cat goes out to take a pee, you need to give it some options. The best way to do so it to get your cat a litter tray. This will also prevent your cat from getting bladder problems due to the holding of urine for a long time.

Naturally, cats dig and bury their waste when they go to the toilet. What happens when it’s raining heavily? Will you let you cat into the rain to relieve itself?  You don’t want your cat to do this natural thing. Buy a litter tray for your cat then.

However, not all litter trays are ethically made. There are some features you should look for while getting a litter tray for your cat. The litter tray should be biodegradable.

The tray should be big enough to allow your cat to turn around. Some are open while others are enclosed. Choose the right one for your cat.

Also, after acquiring the litter tray, you need to identify a suitable place to put it. 

How will you feel knowing that someone is watching you while in the toilet? Cats feel the same. You should choose a private place like under the sink or where the cat takes its meal. There should be some privacy for the cats.

Bowl for the Cat

Will you share the same plate with your cat for meals? Not all of us can do so? How then will your cat take its meals from? You need to find yourself a suitable bowl for your cat.

Just like little kids, who need special requirements, so does your cat. There are different types of bowls you can get for your cat. You should find a dish made of stainless steel. Steel is hard; thus, it cannot easily be broken by the cat while eating or playing. 

Stainless steel is also harmless to cats and will give you an easy time when washing it.

Alternatively, you can choose to get your cat a ceramic bowl. The size of the container will also be an essential factor to consider. The bowl should be wide so that the cat can take its meals comfortably.

Do not make your cat struggle while having meals to the point of pouring its meals. The bowl should be relatively shallow.


Benevo Dry Vegan Cat Food

Your cat won’t survive without food. Unfortunately, not all meals may be suitable for your cat.

One of the best foods to give your cat is the Benevo Vegan dry cat. This type of cat food is nutritionally complete. It contains flavors and rich-tasting; hence your cat will enjoy taking its meals. The level of proteins in this food is at 28%, which is right for your cat.

When you were small, you could not take everything. There are foods meant for adults and those intended for children. 

The Benevo vegan dry cat is only meant for adult cats. Don’t give this food to your young cat.

Do not jeopardize your cats’ health by feeding it on the wrong meals. Choose your meals well. Let your cat grow.  You will love its company if only you feed it on the right types of foods.


Pet Remedy Calming Wipes

Just like humans experience some anxiety and stress, so do cats. It will be easier for humans since they can speak out about the problem and get a solution. What happens if your cat experiences restlessness? What do you do in such a situation? How will you even tell what the cat is up to?

Pet remedy calming wipes are the best solutions for such problems. Their primary purpose is to calm down your cat. This product works alongside neuro-transmitters.  It contains a blend of essential oils to help cool down your cat.

Some of the benefits of these products are; it makes your cat more attentive and receptive. The product is also safe on the skin of your cat, so you don’t need to worry about the side effects. 

Also, another thing you need to know about the pet remedy calming wipes is that it is clinically proven. This feature makes it ethical for your cat.

Not only is it used for cats but also for other pets like dogs. It is simple to use the product. All you need is to apply it to your hands and then rub it to the cat. Alternatively, you may choose to apply it on your cat’s face or chest directly.  Whichever method you use will be right for your cat.


Litter Scoop

A litter box will only help you collect your cat’s litter. Will it be like that forever? Will you let your litter box stink and cause unpleasant odor at your house?

It is for this reason that you will need a litter scoop. A litter scoop is something that is used to clean the litter box or tray. It is available in very many sizes and colors. You should buy a litter scoop that matches your litter box, both in terms of color and other qualities.

The litter scoop should be ergonomically balanced. This will create a center of gravity towards your wrist; hence it will be easy for you to use it. 

You should also acquire a litter scoop that is coated. This will prevent it from catching rust. To avoid buying it from time to time, you should choose a more durable litter box. There are very many types of litter boxes available in the market. Ensure to get one that best suits you. 

Additionally, you should purchase a lightweight litter scoop. You are dealing with pet waste, and you will need to get rid of it as fast as possible.

The sides of the litter scoop should be enclosed. Why is this so? This will minimize or prevent the soiled litter from scattering during the sieving process.

If you plan to buy it online, you should read the reviews before getting it. Sometimes the customers say a lot about a particular product. It is good to learn from someone with experience than in theory.


Cat Bed

Just as you require a bed to sleep on, so does your cat. Cats also sleep. They need a comfortable place for them to enjoy their sleep. Have you ever visited your friend and found his or her cat sleeping on the coach? 

There are various types of beds meant for different pets. The beds are all made of different materials. Since we are concerned with acquiring ethical pet products, you must be careful about which to use.

Let’s help you identify the qualities of the best bed for your cat. To start with, you should determine the length of your cat. How do you feel when you sleep on a mattress that is smaller than you? You will feel uncomfortable. Cats also feel the same when in a small bed. Get a bed that is either the same as your cats’ length or much bigger.

Also, most cats find it enjoyable to sleep in high places. For this reason, you should put your cat bed at a slightly higher position. Also, you should keep it in an area without a lot of commotion and traffic.  No one likes being disturbed while sleeping.

Additionally, most cats like to sleep in dry or warm places. You should keep their beds in an area that has some warmth. There are also different shapes of a cat bed. Choose the one that suits your cat. For instance, if your cat likes to sleep curled, you should get it a rounder bed.

Other cats stretch a lot hence require more extensive beds to give them some spaces for stretching.

The price will also determine the choice of the best bed. However, if you are a conscientious cat owner, you will be more than willing to purchase any bed at any cost.


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Get Your Pet the Best Ethical Pet Products

Above are some of the most ethical pet products every pet owner should have. If you value your cat, you should try as much as you can to acquire these products for your cat. They can be found at any pet supplies shop. Make your cat feel comfortable. Show some love to your cat.  Be a conscientious cat owner.

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