6 Best Clothing Brands to Resell For a Quick Buck

For you to be able to sell a quick but you must be selling high-quality products that are not in the market. It is important that you consider doing the research on different brands that are available on clothing so that you can choose from the best. It is also important to understand your market and the platforms to do the reselling. In this article, we shall focus on six best clothing brands to resell for a quick buck.

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Highlighted below and receive the best clothing brands to resell for a quick buck.

Rebecca Minkoff 

Rebecca Minkoff is a brand that was founded by Rebecca Minkoff and Uri Minkoff in the year 2005. The brand was founded in New York City. As the brand was launched they only dealt with handbags. Currently, the brand has a wide range of clothes and apparels and also footwear jewelry accessories and handbags. Currently, Rebecca Minkoff is falling in 13 locations.

In 2011 the brand won a breakthrough designer Award. This shows that the brand is widely known and celebrated. If you are considering getting the best clothing brands to resell for a quick buck you can consider Rebecca Minkoff. This way you will be assured you are selling something worth.

Statistics have shown that the average percentage you will be able to earn when you spend on Rebecca Minkoff fashion you can get 22%. That is you can get $55 in return which is the average amount. As a reseller, this is a good brand because it is also a top performer on the thredUp.

You can consider targeting celebrities because most of them love to wear this brand. Most of what the brand sells is ladies’ attire. This means you have a wide market to sell these clothes and get Returns as quickly as possible. Consider using online platforms and having a physical shop may also be an added advantage. This is for the purposes of customers fitting.

Tory Burch 

Tory Burch fashion design was founded in the Year 2004 in February with its headquarters in the United States of America. Currently, the fashion house has 250 locations. The owner Tory Burch is the executive chairman and was listed among the powerful women in 2015 by Forbes.

The brand focuses on watches accessories fragrances footwear and apparel. From these designs, the sale in the company is 1.5 billion dollars.

As a reseller when you invest in this brand you will be assured to get a quick buck from the reselling. You will get a 17% return on investment is an average percentage of what you have spent. $45 is the amount of money you will be able to earn on average when you do the reselling of Tory Burch designs.

 The reason why this is a quick buck is that it is a known Brand and most people are conversant with the quality and the durability of the products that are sold from this brand. Therefore you can be sure when you resell the clothing the probability of you getting dead sock is very low. 

Through the online selling platforms for stated that within 5 minutes apparel from the brand was already sold after it was displayed. This means the market is always ready for this brand. Therefore do not hesitate to consider this brand if you want a quick buck after the resale.

Kate Spade Empire 

I am sure you have come across this brand before. The brand focuses on apparel and accessories. The main focus of the brand is handbags. Kate Spade has been highlighted as one of the fast-growing brands in the market.

The headquarters of the Kate Spade designs is in New York City. The luxurious Empire was established in 1993 in the month of January. The co-founders wow Kate Spade and Andy spade. Currently, the company is run by Tapestry, inc after they purchased it in the year 2017.

The house of Kate Spade designs has a lot of apparel you can be able to purchase and resale. For example, when it comes to their handbags they are very fashionable endurable. People who purchase Kate Spade brand are happy with the outcome of the quality and the modernization of the apparel and that is from this fashion house.

The brand offers free shipment services and return to at least 50 locations. This means you can be able to purchase from wherever you are and get the shipping. Consider visiting their website so that you can be able to see the most selling Apparel and also get to see whatever they have to offer to you as a reseller. Most of the time you will find yourself getting the sales at a discounted price when you buy in bulk.

 When you consider reselling Kate Spade brand for a quick buck you will be able to get an 18% average return on the amount of money you will spend. That is equal to $45 of the average amount you will be able to earn from this brand. This is good money which you can grow and invest in different areas.

If you do not have enough money to purchase from the brand it is important to consider partnering with a trusted partner so that you can get enough stock. 

Marc Jacobs 

Marc Jacobs is a brand that is designed to produce women’s clothing watches beauty products and bags. Marc Jacobs is one of the luxurious brands in the market of fashion and design. The brand was launched by Marc Jacobs in the year 1984. Marc Jacobs created this brand together with a partner by the name Robert Duffy.

a shirt and shoes/Best Clothing Brands to Resell

When it comes to Marc Jacob’s designs you will be assured of quality and fashionability of their clothing and apparel. The brand offers free shipment services and returns in the United States.

The reason why you can confidently consider is the brand is because it is one of the high-end brands. The ready-to-wear designs are very marketable and the resale is profitable. As a reseller, you can research on Marc Jacobs products so that you can pick what you want to resell depending on your market.

 Having the right knowledge when it comes to selling Marc Jacobs is very important because you will be able to stand out and get a quick Buck. It is also important that you research the company so that you may not get counterfeit products. This is because there are so many counterfeit products that others may create which are not from the designer.

When you consider Marc Jacobs design you will be able to earn on average $70. This is a good return on investment for you as a reseller. Also when calculating the percentage you can get from this is 15% average. This shows you are investing in the right brand and you cannot regret the Returns that you will get. 

Do the Right calculation and know-how many apparels and you will start with when it comes to reselling so that you can keep growing your stock day by day.

Best Clothing Brands to Resell; Rag and Bone 

Rag and bone are said to be one of the effortless urban styles in the market. Their main focus is on shoe apparel for both men and women and also clothing. If you’re considering getting the best clothing brand to resell for a quick buck you can consider this brand.

 Despite the fact that this brand is one of the most luxurious it is very affordable. The brand has been able to grow over the season since it was founded in the year 2002. The owner who founded it was Nathan Bogle and Marcus Wainwright. 

 When you do your research you will find that rag and Bone collection is sold by more than 700 shops around the globe. Headquarters of Rag and Bone collection is in the New York United States.

For individuals who have done reselling you will find out when you consider getting the rag and Bone design the average amount you will receive in return is about $40 which is approximately 14% on average.

 Many people that are dealing with rag and Bone have been able to grow in their market of selling because they have assured customers.

Alice + Olivia brand 

Alice + Olivia’s brand is known for selling feminine dresses. The dresses are fashionable and perfect for any special occasion. When it comes to the resale value customers have found out that this is one of the most brands that has the highest resale value.

 The average amount on return on investment that you could get from Alice +Olivia is $35 which is about 13% the average amount you spend.

Dresses have a ready market and especially the quality and unique ones. You can never go wrong with Alice + Olivia Brand and therefore you can consider taking a step and investing in this brand.

When you consider the highlighted brands you will not regret your investment because you will be able to get a quick buck from the resale.

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