Top 4 meal and snack delivery options in the UK

While US consumers can order in munchies from goPuff or groceries with Walmart Plus, the UK takes a slightly different approach. For starters, takeaway snacks and food is usually purchased from a variety of different outlets, whether a local coffee shop, diner, or restaurant that can be found down the street.

Your choice of meals and snacks is largely dependant on where you live. For example, those in the countryside are less likely to have as many options whereas those living in a city centre have access to endless snack and meal options.

Nonetheless, despite the options currently available at your fingertips, perhaps you are unsure what to pick up or get delivered. So, this article will highlight five top meal and snack options likely available near you in the UK for delivery.

Top 4 meal and snack delivery options in the UK 1

Fish and chips and a pint

There are few meals quite as British as fish and chips with a pint. While the pint isn’t necessary, sitting on the beach is mandatory – there’s no better way to enjoy the seaside favourite, further complemented by the sound of splashing waves and the relaxing atmosphere of the sandy beach.

If you’re looking for proper fish and chips, consider visiting Whitby or other seaside towns for a proper British experience. However, having fish and chips delivered can be just as good!

A chicken curry and a can of your choosing

You can’t quite beat a curry, whether from your local Indian or perhaps something more adventurous, such as a chicken curry from the Chinese. Why not pair the curry with a can of your choosing, washing down the delicious heat with a sweet drink. Oh, and why not enjoy a prawn cracker or two as well.

Shepherd’s pie

Shepherd’s pie could be the most British meal available. A mix of potato, mince, onion, carrot, and peas, and you have a hearty meal for all of the family. Ideal for the winter months, but equally as nice in the summer, shepherd’s pie is a classic for a reason, a dish you must try and are guaranteed to love upon the very first bite.

Most restaurants to takeaways, with shepherds pie a favourite, loaded into a takeaway dish and taken straight home to be devoured.

Sausage roll

Finally, we have the sausage roll, the cousin of the American pig in blanket. Available from virtually all shops and every great take away, you can’t go wrong with a sausage roll. In fact, they’re so good you’ll find home-baked sausage rolls and other pastries in some of the best restaurants, boasting their delicious potential, a must-eat type of food.

To conclude

Whether you’re visiting the UK or just looking for some of the best snack and meal delivery options, you’ve got to try the food items included in the article above. All of which, of course, can be delivered to your door, allowing you to enjoy some of the finest and most delicious cuisines from the comfort of your own home.

Finally, as aforementioned, be sure to check for coupon and voucher codes before ordering – you may just make a quick saving on your next meal, leaving a much lighter dent in the bank.

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