The Growing Use of Technology in Manufacturing

Technology is slowly creeping into every aspect of our lives, allowing us to do things that were mere science fiction ideas only a decade ago. This is no different in the realm of manufacturing. The use of technology in manufacturing has exploded and is allowing factories to work smarter, more efficiently, and at lower costs than ever before. We now have technology like additive manufacturing, computerized maintenance systems, digital twins, automation integration and artificial intelligence, all making the manufacturing process easier, if used correctly.

One area that is having a tremendous impact on manufacturers is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With IoT tech, machinery and devices can “talk” to each other in real time and adjust accordingly. If a problem arises with a device, other equipment on the network are informed and react based on the situation. This means decreased downtime, less waste and lower costs while keeping quality and output high.

IIoT goes hand in hand with artificial intelligence (AI) too. AI can help technicians determine how well a machine is working. The technology is able to predict when a piece of equipment may break down or malfunction. This type of IoT technology is the future of predictive maintenance.

For more on the technologies overhauling the world of manufacturing, check out the infographic below!

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