The Top Four Most Popular Carnival and Funfair Games

We are all familiar with some famous carnival and funfair games, and most of us have even tried these games before. Who could ever forget taking home a prize at hook a duck or winning big at coconut shy? But it’s one thing to play those games and get a chance at winning – and it’s another thing to choose which games the crowd would like at a carnival or fairground. Chances are, you can’t go wrong with any game – but if you want to find out which game is a sure hit with your audience and attendees, here are the top four most popular carnival and funfair games.

The Top Four Most Popular Carnival and Funfair Games 1

Ring Toss

One common game – in fact, it’s so common that you can easily make your own version at home – is the ring toss. All you need is a few rings made of plastic, and you also need some bottles of soda or any other beverage as long as it fits nicely inside the rings. Make sure the participant stands a few metres from the bottles and tries tossing the rings over them. Whoever gets the ring inside the bottle is the winner. Better yet, if you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, there are plenty of providers of different stalls, and you can hire some game stalls from them – just like https:/, a leading source of carnival games and booths.

A giant board game

Many of us are familiar with a good number of board games, but what if you could play a giant one? The idea behind these games is that everyone can play them and imagine how it feels like to throw a life-sized pair of dice and have it land on a giant board. Amongst the many popular board games, snakes and ladders is the most popular game of all, and this game also works because it is not as time-consuming as other games, and you can even have it customised according to your event’s theme.

Coconut Shy

The third most popular game is something most of us have tried, and the good thing about this game is that it’s easy to get the hang of it – and it’s easy enough to win! This side stall has been around for ages, and it first began appearing in carnivals and funfairs in the latter part of the 1800s. The concept behind the game is simple – all you have to do is knock down a coconut from its perch using a bean bag, and you’ll get three chances (or three bean bags) before you lose your tries. To make the game more fun and challenging, the coconuts are placed at different heights, so the one who hits the coconuts the most will win a prize.

Hook a duck

It is another classic fairground or carnival game, and it’s adored by young and old. The game features ducks lined up on shelves, and the player aims to hook them using a long pole. The poles can have extended sizes, so it becomes more challenging to hook them onto the back of the duck! The player who collects three (or more) of the ducks gets a chance to win, especially if the number at the bottom of the ducks reaches 21.

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