Best PC Gaming Monitors

Whether you’re a competitive gamer, or just want to play some fun games, you need to choose a monitor that’s perfect for you. There are a lot of monitors to choose from, but some are better than others. Among the best PC gaming monitors, you can find ones that are suitable for both aspiring and experienced gamers. These monitors have features that are best for gaming, and they are usually more affordable.

You’ll want to look for a monitor that has a fast response time and good contrast. These are important if you’re playing first person shooters, as it’s a good idea to be able to keep up with the action. Also, it’s important that the monitor has a good resolution, because that will help you see everything better. There are also some monitors that have FreeSync, which can help you minimize input lag, while ensuring smoothness.

Another feature that can be a real asset for gaming is an OLED panel. Although OLED isn’t cheap, you’ll be able to enjoy great image quality. However, OLED panels are very hard to come by. You’ll want to look for a PC monitor that has a wide variety of lighting zones, as they can improve overall contrast. Also, you may want to look for one with a backlight strobing feature, as it can help reduce persistence blur. You can also look for one that has a fast 144Hz or 60Hz refresh rate, which will help you play faster.

There are some monitors that have a lower refresh rate, but you may find that they don’t suit your needs as well. The LG beast, for example, is a great monitor, but you may be disappointed by the fact that it only has a 60Hz refresh rate. The HP X24ih is a great monitor, but it has a lower 144Hz refresh rate. It’s also worth noting that this monitor does not have a backlight strobing feature, so you’ll have to make sure you can plug in a game controller and have it work.

If you’re looking for the best PC gaming monitor on the market, the Acer Predator CG7 is an excellent choice. The 43-inch screen is perfect for first-person shooters, but it’s also great for other games, as the screen has an impressive 4000:1 contrast ratio. You can also control the pulse width of the backlight, which can help to reduce tearing. In addition, the monitor’s remote control and RGB lighting make it great for music and video games.

Another good monitor for console gamers is the Alienware 55. It’s not as bright as the competition at the top end, but it’s a huge monitor that can be very difficult to sit in front of. This monitor also has an OLED panel, which isn’t as bright as other monitors in its price range. You’ll also find that its image quality is better than most other monitors in its price range.

Lastly, you should look for a monitor that has a good number of Mini-LED lighting zones. This will help to improve your overall contrast and reduce blooming. It’s also important to look for a monitor that has IPS, which will help you get better viewing angles.

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