How to get high paying SEO clients?

Most of the freelancers share a similar experience during their initial days. Many bring down their hourly rate to half to acquire as much SEO clients as possible.

Though this helps freelancers to win clients, it soon becomes unsustainable.

Closing deals with a greater number of low budget clients or projects is not as rosy as it appears.

With such clients, you will barely get any time for yourself, and with such low paying projects, there is a high chance that you will start feeling frustrated.

Have you ever experienced this? You work endless hours to make yourself available for your clients anytime.

Over time, you might feel burn out and your relationship with family and friends might suffer.

Therefore, it is good to work on a few projects – reasonable numbers, that pays you high. With such projects you get more time to learn, give your full potential and have more time for yourself and family.

Now let us see some of the ways to get high paying clients.

Beware of your strength

You must not say “yes” to each and every opportunity that comes on your path. Every time an opportunity knocks on the door, you can take a step back and think about its cons and pros for some time.

You should also think about whether you have the right skill to address their need.

For example, if a client requirement is to build a ceo email database, you must say yes only if you know how to build one, otherwise decline it.

By the way do you know how to build a ceo email database? If not, you could use an email lookup tool such as to find the email addresses of CEO and build the email list for your client.

For cases, where it is pretty complex to do a task out of your expertise it is good to say no.

It is very important to understand what services you can provide, would you be able to complete the task before the deadline, do you have enough time to take up this project.

Self-analyses help you to take up projects you could handle and not anything and everything that come along way.

Define your ideal client

One thing you know about your client is that they are the ones with high budget.

But that’s not enough.

You need to have more clarity on the type of clients you wish to collaborate with, this will make it easy for you to find them.

For example, you wish to work only on the SEO part and not on all the different marketing types. So, you should look for clients who is looking for a person who can solely work on the SEO. And ignore the clients looking for a marketing professional to take care of their entire marketing process.

And then you can also define your ideal clients based on the industry type. Not everyone likes to work on every industry.

If you have preferences with regards to the industry, you can include them to your search.

Build a community

You could build a community of clients with high paying potential using email marketing campaign. You just must spend a few hours every week to develop content related to SEO or create a case study of your recent project and share it with your target audience.

For this, you should first build your email list. You can use an email lookup as discussed before, to find the email addresses.

When they continuously get exposure of your work, or accomplishment, they will look up to you for their SEO requirement.

Final thoughts

When you work with high paying clients, you will earn a higher income, have more opportunity to work on even more interesting projects.

Such clients are mostly knowledgeable, they know what to expect from you, hence the chances of conflicts are very low.

You can use the strategies shared in this article to get high paying SEO clients.

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