6 Important SEO Trends for the New Year

6 Important SEO Trends for the New Year 1

An estimated 70% of small businesses don’t have an SEO strategy for online visibility. Considering the fact that larger companies already obtain exposure through a plethora of other implementations, this is quite a blow. Talk about competing with a huge disadvantage!

Why is SEO so important? Well, it’s meant to improve the likelihood that users will come across your site. Search engine optimization pushes your website up the search results ladder, without paying for ad placements for a given search engine.

While the competition is pretty daunting, it’s possible for any individual or group to implement SEO strategies. One way is to follow the SEO trends that pop up every year. Keep reading for some essential SEO tips and tricks that are relevant right now.

The Importance of Snippets

Search engines now identify specific passages on web pages that might be of significant value and include them in a small dialog box in search results. A featured snippet almost always shows up at the top of search results, so they’re extremely beneficial.

Getting to the Point

Common and simple questions usually fill the search results with simple answers. However, a SEO trend that’s growing is to simplify answers to more complicated questions. If you can offer content in bite-sized answers to complex questions, you can expect better results.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is quite a buzz word nowadays, but with good reason. It’s starting to play a key role in a ton of industries. In terms of search engine optimization, it’s being used to better engage and react to algorithms put out by search engines.

Target Mobile Audiences

Google, among others, implemented mobile-first indexing in 2019. This came in response to the fact that more than 75% of internet users access the web with a mobile device. Optimizing the mobile experience is better in general, but using a tool to ensure that it’s optimized for SEO is a necessary step.

Defining Quality Content

The rules of the game that is SEO change regularly. Of course, engines want quality content. But, in order to provide it, you need to determine what kind of quality content a search engine wants. Make sure to spend some time finding this definition for your goals, and keep up to date with changes.

Implementing Multimedia

SEO is more than just keywords and valuable written content. For the best results, you should also consider expanding your content forms. One method is via optimized video content. Consider providing audible keywords, simple descriptions, and trending hashtags.

Keeping Up with SEO Trends

Likely the most important and effective way to improve search engine optimization is to keep up with SEO trends. Some stick around for quite some time, like targeting mobile audiences. Others SEO strategies might become obsolete in the near future, like implementing multimedia, but using the approach now can bring swift results.

Hopefully this article provided some helpful information on following the current SEO trends. If it did, consider taking a look around the site for other informational posts.

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