6 Study Break Ideas to Make the Most of Your Gap Year

Studying throughout can be exhausting. Most students opt to take a gap year between their high school and college. However, not everyone has a great idea to spend during the gap year. The students end up wasting their time on meaningless things. However, some students have excellent study break ideas that benefit their lives. 

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Benefits of a Gap Year

Out of observation, some parents may oppose the idea of a gap year. Their concerns are legit because no parents want to see their kids wasting on alcohol and endless trips that have no value.

However, a gap year can be of great value to a student who researches on the activities to partake.

Below are some benefits you can reap from taking a gap year.

  • A gap year will give you a chance to think about what you want to study in college. In case you had an idea in mind, you will have enough time to evaluate and test if it is what you want. Some students change their career idea during a gap year. You get the idea after exposure to the practical world and developing new interests.
  • During a gap year, you have ample time to network with people in your industry of interest. You may also be lucky to get a scholarship from your new contacts.
  • During the gap year, you will discover some new interests that did not manifest due to tight school schedules. It is a great way to embrace a new hobby and philanthropy.
  • Gap year enables a student to practice adulthood. If you opt to spend the year away from home, you will need to learn some responsibility. You will have a lot of freedom and time to yourself. How you decide to use it will help you grow to be an orderly and organized person. 
  • A gap year gives you a chance to satisfy your wanderlust feeling. Travel all the places you want so that you can relax when you resume your studies. You will also have stories to tell when your peers are talking about their gap year experience.
  • During the gap year, you will have plenty of time to spend with your family. The last time you had such a time with your family, you were a toddler. You did not understand what quality family time is. Now you have all the time to enjoy being with your parents and siblings without thinking of homework.

The Study Break Ideas to Consider During Your Gap Year

Getting an idea of the activity to undertake during a gap year is easy. You need to check your interests, desires, and goals in life. If you think it is tough, then you should look up to the organizations that have gap-year programs. There are many of them, and they have a variety of activities. They are kind enough to advise on the best program to enroll in based on your interests and budget.


The bigger percentages of students opt to volunteer with reputable organizations. Volunteer programs help you learn and grow a new skill. The advantage of learning a skill under a volunteer program is because your seniors are committed to helping you through the practice.  

During volunteer programs, you interact with people from all walks of life. You gain confidence in talking to new people. You also feel proud of yourself for giving back to the community. 

The kind of volunteer programs available include humanitarian programs, childcare, animal protection, environmental conservation, etc. 

Register your volunteer program in your resume so that your interviewers can see you care about others. It might help you land your dream job. 

During volunteer programs, you get to learn on the initiative that international programs engage in, by getting in touch with the real problems that people are facing, you can develop a product or come up with a service to help people. It might eventually become a full-time investment.

Volunteering gives you a chance to teach others a skill that you possess. At your young age, you may have a great interest in programming. Maybe you took some classes during the holidays in high school. Most young volunteer organizations lack qualified staff. You may be the only one conversant with programming, and you can help them develop a program. It might earn you a permanent position in the organization.


Most students take up internship programs during or after their college years. However, if you are sure of the career path you will take, consider taking up an internship opportunity. It will not only help you utilize your spare time wisely but also give you practical skills of the course you will study in college,

Internships are a great way of building your resume. The interviewers will see the commitment and confidence in you. Many youths want to have free time to hang out with friends, have fun, and travel. Be different by seeking an internship opportunity. 

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Paid Employment

Start-up organizations offer entry-level jobs to jobless people. It is a great place to start your career. Many students who opt for paid employment are looking forward to supplementing their school budget.

In most cases, taking this path does not require you to choose what you are interested in. Your main motive is to save up some money for college.

Student loans accrue interest annually. You can reduce the loan interest by paying much of your school fees with the money you earned during the gap year.


Travel is every student’s choice. Young people love traveling. Maybe you also want to travel all over the world before you resume studies. But does your budget allow? 

Forget about your budget; your savings are not the only source of your travel expenses. Your parents and relatives might help you with it; you only need a good reason to travel. 

Around the country, several gap year programs help students travel within the country and abroad. I would advise you to travel overseas.  

During your travel, you will learn a new language, culture, and history. You will visit those tourist sites you read in history books, taste new food, make international friends, and probably see one of those wild animals you feared in your childhood. 

You will get a chance to challenge your adrenaline by participating in extreme sports- a chance you may lack while you are under the care of your parents because they are overprotective. 

Choose a country you have a great interest in. It will ensure that your stay there is fun-filled and worthwhile.

Before choosing a travel destination, do a background check to determine if it is worth visiting. You sure don’t want to find yourself on a beach when you wanted to see animals, mountains and rivers,

Some countries are filled with so many sites to visit. They range from wildlife reserves, Instagram sceneries, rich culture, great historical sites, etc. If there is no range of places and activities to choose from, the stay will become boring within the first few weeks. When you choose an interesting site, your year will seem too short.

Part-Time Course

Although you will still go to class, it is away from your main career.

Take up a course to improve your practical skills. You can choose to do a short course in culinary arts; you will need the skills when you join campus. Eating junk food is unhealthy. You will need to eat healthy food most of the time. Buying a balanced meal is expensive for a college student. Cooking in your apartment will be the best option for you.

Use this time to learn that new language. You spent all your high school years craving to learn Spanish. Many hitches barred you from achieving that. Then, this is the nest chance to achieve this.

You have many other practical courses that you can enroll in from music to arts, carpentry to design. Do not shy away from your interests; get an expert to train you, you may use the skill as a part-time hustle in college. 

Pick Up and Practice a New Hobby

School years are usually busy. There are short breaks that allow you to practice your hobby. Most of the time, these hobbies are in line with what we study or extra-curricular activities offered at school. Does your school offer pet grooming as an activity? I highly doubt it.

A gap year allows you to identify and nature new interests. 

The Cons of Taking a Gap Year

If I say there are no disadvantages of a gap year, I would be lying. Here are some cons of taking a gap year;

  • You will delay your graduation. 
  • The travel cost may be too high for your budget
  • You are at risk of wasting a whole year if you do not have a clear plan on how to spend the gap year.
  • You may become a drunkard

However, the advantages of taking a gap year outweigh the disadvantages. Every student should consider taking a gap year.

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Conclusion Study Break Ideas

There are very many study breaks ideas that you can implement. Choose one that aligns with your interests and make the best of your year.

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