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Many of us prefer to travel light and only carry the things that we need. However, while that is always a good idea, there is some travel technology that you will need to carry with you. For instance, there is no denying the fact that you need your smartphone.

Travel gadgets make it easy to not only communicate with friends and loved ones when you are in a different part of the world, but it also allows you to keep your electronics in working condition. Let’s take a look at the top 6 travel gadgets to bring with you on your next trip.

All-In-One Adaptor

One of the most frustrating things you can ever go through is traveling to a new destination only to find that the plugs and sockets are not similar to those you have at home.

All-in-one adapter helped solve this problem. However initially, they lacked an extension for the Europeans sockets and many of them were so low quality that they broke down before you could ever have a chance of using them.

Luckily modern all-in-one adapters allow you to use pretty much any type of socket to power your electronics thanks to their extensions and additions. Forget the hassle of charging your laptop, smartphones, or camera. Now you can make the most of your trip with high quality all-in-one adapter.

USB Drive

Many people may not see the need to carry a USB drive when traveling. However, it is a great way to save important documents just in case you lose your luggage.

You can store passport photos, as well as the documents you will need in your new destination. This also eliminates the need to bring paper documents when traveling allowing you to carry lighter.

When you do get to your destination, you can have them printed at your hotel’s front desk.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you travel a lot for work, you must get your rest when on the plane to your next destination. Crying babies and the odd passenger who wants to make conversation can be a nightmare when all you need is a good nap.

Luckily you can shut out the noise when travelling using noise-canceling headphones. These allow you to not just relax on your trip but also signify to anyone else that you need some peace and quiet.

You may also need to use your noise cancelling headphones to enjoy some music. A device that covers your entire ear cancels out external noise which in turn allows you to enjoy clear and crisp sounds. What’s more, choose one that has deep bass for that movie theatre experience.

But most importantly, choose noise cancelling earphones that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time without causing too much pressure on your ears.

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A Reliable Phone Charger

Our phones have become one of the most important devices that we can have. Other than just being a communication device we can access and reply to emails as well as send and receive payments through them.

It is paramount therefore that our phones have enough charge at all times. One of the ways that you can ensure this is by getting a reliable phone charger that is capable of giving multiple charges.

It is important to choose a high quality charger as some chargers available in the market will not provide you with the service that you need and may only be able to charge your mobile phone once.

They will save you from having to make unnecessary and regular stops at coffee shops just to be able to charge your device.


We all love our phones but let’s face it, a bigger screen is always welcome. If you love to read, then you will enjoy your magazine or eBook more when using a tablet. What’s more, it allows you to download as much content as you like provided there is enough space.

You don’t have to carry a newspaper or a magazine on the trip. Furthermore, you can also save your favourite TV programs and watch as you travel.

Car Charger

A cool and convenient way to keep your phone fully charged is to use a car charger. This is especially so when you are looking to drive to your destination or when taking a road trip.

Furthermore, a car charger will come in handy when planning to rent a vehicle in your new destination.

Even while travelling to remote locations where it is hard to get a place to charge your phone, a car charger ensures that you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of power. You can make phone calls and use the internet fully contempt and not having to worry about the charger.

What’s more, you can even charge your power bank to use in the evenings or when you are not on the road.

The best phone car charger should come with a number of features. For instance, it should come with multiple ports allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Secondly, it needs to be a universal car charger. This allows you to not only charge your iPhone but also other android devices as well.

It is also a good idea to choose a charger that has adaptive charging which enables it to detect your type of device and change charging specs accordingly. This enables efficient charging without causing damage to your device.

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Technology has helped make our work easier in different aspects and areas of our lives. This is certainly the case with travelling. Whether you are looking to sleep better during your flight or you want to always have your electronics fully charged, there is a device to help you with that. A tablet for instance might seem redundant as you already have your phone, but the larger screen makes using it much more comfortable.

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