The Best Time Management Apps

The most precious possession anyone could ever have is time. It seems like there’s never enough of it, and most of us ponder in the evening about where the day went and how we could’ve better used the hours afforded to us. We all lead very busy lives and have a million and one things to do on any given day, but squeezing everything in is problematic. It’s a bit like budgeting, but without the money. You’ve either got a knack for it or you haven’t, but either way, we could use a bit of help with it. If this sounds like you, there are options out there in the form of time management apps.

There are a lot of apps on the market for you to choose from, each one differing from the last ever so slightly in terms of its functionality. Before you download one, make sure you check out our top ranking apps, sorted by needs.

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Family Planning & Group Management

Our favorite time management apps that work collaboratively with other users.

TimeTree – iOS and Android

If you’re a parent then you’ll know the struggle of trying to juggle everyone’s calendars. One child has to go to ballet, the other to soccer, the third to piano and your other half needs to squeeze in a dentist appointment, too. Rather than racking your brain trying to work out if it can all happen on the same day, download TimeTree and have everyone sync up their calendars so you can instantly see how your schedules work against each other’s. This is also great for professional teams who need to pencil in various meetings at a time that suits everyone.

Picniic – iOS and Android

This is the ultimate family planning app. You can not only send messages to each other, see each other’s schedules and upload important to-do lists for everyone to see, but you can also remotely restrict your children’s internet access, track their location and collate your medical information like insurance details. This is a one-stop-shop for keeping your family safe and in the loop. Picniic is also commonly used by businesses and corporate workplaces because it offers a bunch of customizable features whilst retaining its basic purpose of syncing calendars.

Cozi – iOS and Android

Simplicity is key sometimes, so if you don’t want all the bells and whistles of apps like TimeTree and Picniic, Cozi is your best bet. It’s very basic in its aesthetic, but it’s highly effective and easy for everyone to understand and use. It’s recently been overhauled to include notifications about online classes and virtual school events, making it a good choice for parents currently trying to homeschool their children. 

Solo Planning & Independent Management

Apps that work well for independent users looking to get a better grip on their days.

Toggle – iOS, Android and Computer Desktop

If figuring out where your time goes is your main problem, Toggle is the app for you. You can use to track how long you spend on certain tasks and programs on your computer/phone. At the end of the day, you can see exactly how long you spent on each task and use the information to determine whether or not you need to adjust how you structure your day. You can do that with Toggle, too, by using their calendar feature.

Todoist – iOS, Android and Desktop

Do you have an array of little tasks to factor in to your day? Do you like ticking boxes off? If so, Todoist is the app you need to install on your phone or laptop. You can schedule so many jobs – from the biggest to the smallest – and you can set them in order of priority. So, whether you’re a Muslim and need to integrate this year’s Ramadan timetable into your day, or if you’re starting a home renovation project and have several phone calls you need to make, make sure you never forget a single thing with Todoist.

Make 2021 the year you finally get a hold on the small stuff in your life and install a time management app. You’ll be all the better for it, especially if you choose one of the apps we’ve mentioned!

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