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If you have decided to take part in sports or enjoy going to the gym, then we can agree that you are well on your way to making excellent health choices and improving your general health.

Proper diet and good exercise are great in keeping your body in top form for sports. However part of a good exercise and training schedule is the sports technology.

They not only make the workout effective but will also make it enjoyable enough to ensure that you stick to your training regimen and for you to achieve your desired goals.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 sports technology that you should include in your training.

Bluetooth Earphones

Granted these sports tech have been around for quite some time now. However, over the years they have been constantly evolving and improving.

One of the main advantages of Bluetooth earphones is that they do not have wires. This allows you to use them without having to get distracted by wires.

Another feature of modern Bluetooth earphones that makes them the ideal sports tech is that they can actually be synced to a fitness app allowing them to count the number of reps when working out.

This keeps you updated on your workout regimen which makes it effective.

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Sculpt Scanner

One of the main factors that discourage athletes from sticking to their exercise regimen is the results or rather the fact that they don’t see results as fast as they would like.

It is important to note that training should be a long term goal and it takes a while before you can see positive changes in your body. But what if there was a way to measure changes in your body after a shorter time period of working out?

Luckily there is using the sculpt scanner. This cool device allows you to measure changes in your muscle mass as well as the fat percentage. So even while you may not be able to tell the changes in your body after looking at the mirror, the sculpt scanner allows you to see the differences. This will help motivate you and ensure that you stick to your training for much longer.

The Intelligent Hydration Cup

Every athlete knows to remain hydrated when being active in sports. That said, you would be surprised at the number of athletes that do not get the required hydration before, during, and after sports.

Now with the intelligent hydration cup, you can finally get enough water to ensure you remain fit and in top form during sports. It features sensors that alert you whenever it is time to take a drink.

The hydration cup does this by syncing to an app on your mobile phone allowing you to get your alerts at the right time.

Thanks to the intelligent hydration cup, you can always get the required amount of hydration and that you are never dehydrated.

Staying hydrated allows your body to perform at optimum allowing you to give your all and helping your team to victory.

Smart Shoes

Another piece of sports tech that you should check out is the smart shoe. It is connected to a smart shoe app on your phone. With it you can track the distance traveled as well as the number of calories burnt.

Smart shorts are a recent development and have not been widely used as fitness trackers. Many people, however, are beginning to see the benefit of smart shoes.

Furthermore, the shoes are also capable of changing the internal temperature of the shoemaking them more comfortable to wear even after long periods of sports or during cold weather.

Another cool feature with smart shoes is their ability to tighten shoelaces. Our feet usually swell due to exertion which can make them feel tight and uncomfortable. With smart shoes, you can quickly adjust the laces allowing you to focus on your sports.

Theragun Deep Muscle Treatment

As a sportsman or woman, you can almost guarantee that you are going to suffer from sore muscles. The most common way of dealing with them is using a cold compress and giving them the time they need to recover. Often you may not have enough time between games for the muscles to heal which limits your performance on your next game.

Luckily there is a way that you can speed up muscle healing and it involves using the Theragun Deep muscle treatment device.

The device works by sending high-frequency massage into the deep layers of your muscles. The technology has been around for a long time and was mainly limited to massage therapists and personal trainers. The great thing is that now, any athlete can access the technology in the open market and perform therapy on themselves.

Quick recovery means that they can get back into the game and lead their team to success.

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iFit Sleep Tracker

If you want to perform at your optimum as a sports athlete, it is crucial that your body also receives the required amount and quality of sleep. In comes the iFit Sleep Tracker. This is a small device that you place between your pillow and mattress when you go to sleep.

The device will then analyse your sleep and collect data throughout the night. When you wake up in the morning, you will receive the data through a mobile app that is synced with the iFit Sleep tracker.

Some of the information that you will receive include:
• Restless hours
• REM hours
• Respiratory rate
• And heart rate


As much as we love sports and as much as it plays a huge role in keeping us active and helping us lead healthy lifestyles, there is no denying that it comes with a whole host of challenges. From not to see any improvement in our physique to coming out of the arena with sore muscles and injuries.

With the 6 sports tech and gadgets listed above, you will not only keep tabs on your workout regimen but you can also recover quickly and boost your performance for your next game.

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