Platinum Alternatives For Diamond Engagement Rings

Platinum is one of the most common metals used for wedding bands. This is commonly used as engagement and wedding rings due to its long-lasting efficiency.

Apart from its silvery-white appearance, it is also acknowledged for its extreme durability and hypoallergenic attribute. Timeless is Platinum’s main brand due to its graceful aging. It maintains its color beautifully over time and can easily be polished once it becomes worn.

Being the top notcher of wedding bands, this precious metal also comes with a steep cost. This is one of the reasons why many to-be married couples opt for finding a good alternative that can be on par with this metal. Here are some of the Platinum alternatives that are perfect for Diamond Engagement Rings.

  • Palladium

Palladium belongs to the platinum-group of metals. This metal is almost a synonym to Platinum in terms of character, especially its visuals. Palladium has a white, silvery display and is also commended for its hardness of 5 in Mohs Hardness Scale.

Despite being twins with Platinum, Palladium is significantly lighter. This makes a perfect wedding band to partner with a diamond without compromising comfortability.

  • White Gold

White Gold is impeccable to be paired with a Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring. This is made of a mixture of pure gold and white metals such as Nickel, Silver, and Palladium. It is real gold but not purely; this is to boost its durability for jewelry.

Among variations of gold, White Gold is the most popular and undoubtedly more affordable than Platinum.

  • Titanium

One of the main distinguishing factors of Titanium is its capability to withstand any falls. This just shows how strong Titanium is; excellent for endless jewelry. Apart from its strength, Titanium also takes pride in its non-tarnish character. This metal does not tarnish even if placed at room temperature.

Titanium is also non-toxic and is safe for sensitive skin and can withstand seawater and chlorine. This metal is a great alternative for those who love to travel without taking the ring off.


Finding alternatives may result in second thinking, especially if it applies to a once in a lifetime experience. Given its pros and cons, substitution should not be a problem. With the proper research of your target in character: appearance, durability, weight, toxic or non-toxic, weight, and cost, it is best to find the perfect match to both of your tastes. In the end, it is the commitment of the ring that prevails.

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