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If there is one thing that defines us as human beings, we can make tools. When it comes to the kitchen we’ve have certainly come a long way from the cave fires we used to roast meat. Through advanced technology we have created the kitchen appliances we know today.

That said, technology is ever evolving and now we are seeing the development of new tech that promises to help us cook a little easier and a little faster.

Egg Minder

Stale eggs are a definite no-no. Few things can ruin your mood for breakfast quite like breaking stale eggs. However since they all look the same, it would be hard to tell which eggs are fresh and which eggs needs to be disposed of.

That is where an egg minder comes in. It usually holds around 14 eggs. To use the egg minder, you will need to set the freshness period of the eggs. The gadget will then count the number of days that the eggs have been sitting and alert you through an app when the eggs are about to lose their freshness.

One of the great advantages of an egg minder is that it prevents you from having to dispose of your eggs. This ultimately saves you cash in the long run.

Precision Poacher

If you love poaching eggs then you are going to love this one. A precision poacher allows you to cook the perfect poached eggs by eliminating the guess work and ensuring that you get consistent results time and again.

Forget those old fashioned methods that you used to prepare your eggs. With the precision poacher, you can have your eggs not only poached, but also scrambled or steamed as per your preferences.

Set precise temperatures to ensure you achieve your desired results. Preparing your eggs is no longer a chore thanks to the precision poacher.

Connected Coffee Maker

For coffee enthusiasts, having a refreshing and rejuvenating cup of coffee in the morning is one of the best things ever. It kicks starts your day and gets you ready to work and accomplish your targets.

But let’s face it, it is boring to make coffee in the morning. But what if there was a way to wake up and find your coffee ready and waiting?

Now you can with the connected coffee maker. By connecting the appliance with a mobile app, you can set the time to brew as well as add custom settings such as average brew time and the presoak time to provide you with your perfect cup of coffee.

What’s more, it also comes with voice command which means that you can tell it to create your coffee at any time during the day.

Kitchen Technology 1

Tablet Stand

A tablet stand is not something that you would consider high tech. However if you love Googling ingredients, then you need a tablet or a phone in your kitchen.

Since your hands will be occupied as you prepare those delish meals, it is important to have a place where you can hold your tablet. In comes the tablet stand.

There are many different varieties and models available in the market. Some are easily foldable allowing you to keep them in the kitchen cabinet when not in use.

What’s more, by holding your tablet up when cooking, you can make the tablet a complementing part of your contemporary kitchen. It can enhance the look of your kitchen making it appear sophisticated and modern.

Kitchen Technology 2

Wifi Aero Garden

Do you want to grow your organic herbs in your kitchen? Forget having an outside garden, you can grow your garden indoors thanks to the WIFI Aero Garden. It offers the perfect LED lighting to help your plants grow.

If GMO foods and pesticides is something that you want to avoid, then the WIFI Aero Garden can help you develop a healthier lifestyle. Simply find a cool place to set up your indoors garden. It is that simple.

Whether you want to grow tomatoes or flowers, there are plenty of advantages of growing them indoors. First off the method requires very little maintenance as you will not have to worry about weeds or pests. This eliminates the need for pesticides meaning that you can enjoy healthy and chemical free food.

Smart Fridge

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your kitchen. If so don’t forget to include a new smart fridge. You may be wondering – what is so special with a smart fridge? After all, the important thing is to keep your food cool right?

However the smart fridge helps you achieve an enhanced lifestyle. It allows you to use voice command as well as store a list of the things that you need next time you go shopping.

Furthermore, whenever you are in the kitchen, you can also connect to the internet and play your favourite tunes from Spotify… how cool is that?


At the rate at which technology is evolving, it pays to stay updated with the latest in kitchen tech. Whether you need to ensure that your eggs are always fresh, or you need to learn a few ingredients, high tech smart kitchen technology is the way to go. Moreover you can listen to your favourite tunes on Spotify with a smart fridge as you prepare your meals.

With neat and stylish designs, and with compact frames, the kitchen tech on this list can also help improve the décor of your home making it look ultra-modern and contemporary.

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