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If you are the type of person who prefers the old ways and uses little technology in their business, we are with you in the old saying “old is gold”. However with the changing times, it is crucial that you embrace technology and make it a part of your business.

After all modern businesses utilise technology for not only increasing production but also for tracking performance and for communication.

Don’t worry, we understand that you may not be tech savvy and it might be overwhelming trying to choose the best technology for your business. That said, there is certain tech that is common across the board and is utilised by modern businesses throughout the world.

This is the technology that you should aim to incorporate in your business as well. Without further ado, let’s discover more!


The first and most important business technology that you should have in your business is the computer. This can come either as a desktop or as a mobile laptop. The latter allows you to carry out functions while being away from the office.

The computer runs on an operating system. The most commonly used is the windows operating system. That said, there are also Macintosh computers that run on the apple operating system. These are usually powerful computers that are used mainly by professionals.

The benefit of having computers is that they help you carry out tasks more efficiently. They also allow you to store documents and access the documents faster as well. Moreover, computers can run different software to carry out different tasks. Because of that, they are critical in the success of the modern business.

No matter the type of business, there will always be a place for the computer.


Speaking of software, these go hand in hand with computers. They allow the computer to do specific tasks. For instance, with the windows operating system, the word software enables you to create professional looking documents that represent the business.

Furthermore there is the excel software. This is a spreadsheet that enables the recording of accounting data and information. It makes it much easier to record data such as sales, pending invoices etc.

The Microsoft power point application allows the user to create attractive sales presentations.

Furthermore computers can run software that is specific to the type of business. This makes the computer a versatile tool capable of performing different tasks and functions that suit the business. It make it more efficient and cost effective to run business operations.

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Without communication it would be next to impossible to build business relationships. It is crucial therefore to be able to communicate with the staff with clients as well as other organisations.

There are various communication options available for business. For instance an internal communication channel will allow you to contact any staff at their desk and pass on the information you need.

Computers are also a part of the communication system as they allow you to send email over the internet.

Speaking of the internet, there is also the VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol that allows businesses to make phone calls over the internet as opposed to the normal analogue method.

Accounting System

An accounting system is critical for a business as it enables you to stay on top of the expenses and the income. It also lets you see the pending invoices as well as any outstanding payments.

If a business is conducting frequent transactions within a day, being able to record all of them is critical to the success of the business.

Furthermore an accounting system allows the business to compare performance with previous months or years. It can therefore help pinpoint areas that need improvement as well as those that are costing the business valuable resources.

All this is again made possible using computers. The main accounting system used by businesses is QuickBooks. That said there are also other accounting system that are capable of handling a large volume of data such as Sage Accpac or SAP Business.

Furthermore, these are customisable to suit the needs and requirements of the business.

When choosing the right type of accounting system for you, a guiding principle should be the size and requirements of your business

Inventory Control System

Another highly crucial business technology is the inventory control system. This allows the business to keep track of the inventory. How much is in stock, how much came in and how much was sold.

Such information ensures that the business always has stock and that it doesn’t run out of it at any time during the production process. When stock levels get to a certain limit, the system can send an alert to make an order for more stock.

Customer Relationship Management

A customer relationship management system CRM is a highly beneficial tool to have in your business. Customers are the lifeblood of your business and they need to be nurtured.

A CRM makes this possible. By providing you with valuable customer information such as how they are interacting with the business, what they are most interested in, what time they shop, and the preferred payment method, you can gather information that you can then use to make the business even more accommodating to its customers.

The data gathered by the CRM also allows you to send customised emails. Furthermore, these are emails that can be sent to the customers at the right time. You can create promotions and offer incentives that will turn customers into long term clients.

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At the rate at which the business environment is evolving, it is crucial to make technology a part of your business. Not only will it help boost production, but it will also help create and maintain good customer and business relations through tools such as the CRM. And let’s not forget that communicating and keeping records is made all the more efficient thanks to business technology.

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