Best Virtual Games for Competitive Office Play

Best Virtual Games for Competitive Office Play 1

Over the last year-and-a-half, the world has changed dramatically.

Before 2020, virtual meetings were rare, team building was associated with climbing obstacles and weekend’s away, and zoom was only something you did with a camera lens. The devastating pandemic forced us to rethink how we socialize, communicate, and work, and those new methods remain popular even though things are getting back to normal.

One aspect of our lives likely to never revert to 2019 practices is employment. More people than ever are working remotely, which means a different strategy for managers, not just in terms of working methods. How do you keep a team of remote workers engaged and connected? How can you make your working life less dull? The answer is by playing virtual games. We have developed five totally unique virtual games, which are a great way to help bond your team, and they should be your first port of call when planning a proper team-building exercise over a virtual platform. However, we acknowledge that you sometimes want something quick and easy to organize, maybe even something to act as a ‘pre-game’ to one of our great titles.

What other games can you organize quickly, most people understand and can be done virtually? As it goes, there are quite a few.


Bingo is insanely easy to organize, and pretty much anyone and everyone can take part. It’s an old game with its roots in 16th century Renaissance Italy. It slowly traveled the world, becoming popular here in the late forties and early fifties. Now, it is widespread, with bingo halls found across Canada and the US. All you need is a random number generator, a virtual platform, and some bingo cards. You can make those online and send them to competitors via a PDF (so they can’t alter them, you just never know). It might be best to play 75-ball, with you or a nominated supervisor acting as the caller. You can play for as long as you like, and it is a very social game requiring little cognitive input from players, who can just relax and socialize.


Poker is a little bit different to bingo in that it does require some knowledge of the game before you play, and it isn’t as easy to organize over a simple Zoom or Teams call. Instead, you might need to find an online provider that allows you and a group of friends to compete in a free-to-play poker room. You can use plenty of free sites to play the game, including Zynga Poker and PlayWSOP. This is a good game for a team that already know each other, as they will be eager to win, and the socializing may be reduced to trash talk and talking down your hands. All your team will need is a basic grasp of the poker hand ranking charts, and a willingness to get properly involved in the fun. Poker is a neat way to bring people together, and there’s been a surge in online players and revenue recently, thanks to the pandemic keeping people at home.

Card Against Humanity

Our first two choices are reasonably neutral games, one delivering a social experience, the other introducing a bit of skill, but still promoting good, clean fun. If you want to have a good chuckle with your team, then you might seek out one of the Cards Against Humanity platforms. These providers produce an authentic CAH experience, but you need to use a communication platform to interact with players, such as Slack or Zoom. Be warned; if you are a global brand, some humor doesn’t cross boundaries all that well! Still, CAH is a great game to play virtually, and it can be utterly hilarious, bringing your people together via humor, which is a great way to build rapport and engagement.

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