6 Outdoor Life Books That Will Make You Appreciate Nature

Life in the city can be quite engaging. From spending time stuck in traffic to sitting in the train with some of the weirdest people around. Urban life can squeeze every ounce of life and sanity from you. Most people try to escape the craze of the big city hustle and bustle by staying indoors.

Well, who can blame them? There is hardly any outdoor within the city that does not have concrete. Also, in case they find themselves surrounded by nature, they will not know what to do. If you are such a person, don’t worry, I have you covered. I put together these 6 outdoor life books that will help rekindle your love and appreciation for nature. 

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As always, a good book about the outdoors can be heavenly. Whether you are researching the perfect destination for your next outdoor adventure or simply looking to learn more about nature, this collection will serve you just right. Reading a book provides a unique way to refresh your mind. 

Nature First: Outdoor Life The Friluftsliv Way 

Author: Henderson and Nils Vikander 

Have you ever felt a primal need to understand and live in peace with the nature that surrounds you? Well, nothing offers a better explanation of how to this than this book right here. The authors are exception professionals in the topic of outdoor nature. They provide deep insights into a concept that was used in ancient Scandinavia about living in the outdoor. 

You will be intrigued by the amount of knowledge packed in the book. It will give you a new perspective on how to perceive your surroundings. Also, the book offers a cultural view of nature that you cannot help but appreciate. You will change the way you view and interact with your environment way before you finish reading this masterpiece. 

The core message of the text is taking time to learn and interact with nature, rather than trying to control it. Unfortunately, most of us try to be in control of nature. Consequently, we end up abusing the environment. Also, most of us were born into cultures that had little appreciation for culture. This book will make learn to love nature as our ancestors once did. Indeed, it tops the list on any collection of outdoor life books. 

Friluftsliv: Reconnect With Nature Hardcover 

Author: Oliver Luke Delorie 

Ever thought of the love for nature as a spiritual journey that comes with peace of mind and tranquility in life? You were probably right. This book revisits the concept of friluftsliv which is native to Norwegian and Scandinavian cultures. It teaches you how to love your surroundings and protect it from harm.

You will learn about the concept of the free-air life that was practiced by the ancient cultures. The cultural view of nature that this book presents will make you understand the divine role of nature. You will gain a sense of spirituality that comes with nature and become a practitioner of mindful living. 

Just like the ancient Vikings and Norsemen who lived in Norway, you will learn to live in close contact with nature. The book provides exceptional guidance and opens your eyes to how to achieve intimacy with the outdoors. Once you finish reading this book, the outdoors will be your Valhalla. You will love and appreciate nature for what it does and what it can do. I promise you will not help but fall in love.

Show Me How To Survive (Outdoor Life): The Handbook For The Modern Hero 

Author: Joseph Pred

Imagine this, you have grown tired of the city and decide to go camping all by yourself. However, you have never been to an outdoor camp before. What do you do? Joseph Pred provides arguably one of the best outdoor survival tips you can ever find. His book, which is available here, provides valuable lessons of how to survive in the outdoors. 

Should you choose to camp in the middle of the jungle, the African savanna, or an ice desert, Joseph has tips for you. Nature can be quite intimidating especially when you do not know what to do. Probably you are one of the people who spend most of their lives in the city and hardly have time for the outdoors. 

Learning how to survive ensures that you first understand your environment. Therefore, the book provides you with fundamental knowledge about different aspects of nature. Also, it will teach how to live with nature in harmony. You will learn how to respond to different animals and their behaviors. You will also learn how to get out of trouble when you are out in the wild. 

The book is packed with knowledge and is a must have for both novice and experienced campers. Also, it is crucial anyone who wants to reconnect with nature and is looking for basic knowledge of the outdoors. 

The Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook For Kids, Families, And Classrooms 

Author: Clare Walker Leslie

As a parent I understand the need to set my kids on the right path. One of the lessons that I try to teach them is to respect nature. After all, nature is for all; the old, youthful, and the young. Walker clarifies this point in her book which is available here. She notes that introducing children to the concepts of nature from an early age helps them to grow into adults who love and appreciate it. What better way to introduce children to nature that to have them read outdoor life books? 

This is a fun packed book that will make you and your family enjoy nature every day. It has various activities to perform as a family such as bird watching, leaf colleting, and start guessing. Also, you get to observe and sketch wildlife together. The fun activities will ignite the love for nature in your children and make sure that yours never ends. 

The Lost Art Of Reading Nature’s Signs: Use Outdoor Clues To Find Your Way, Predict The Weather, Locate Water, Track Animals―And Other Forgotten Skills (Natural Navigation) 

Author: Tristan Gooley

Ever wondered how people lived before the advent of modern science? Tristan provides mind blowing answers in his book which is available here. The cultures of the world interacted with nature differently. In the past, it was vital to understand and interpret signals from nature correctly. However, the age of modern science made work easy and replaced the fundamentals of reading nature.

This book provides countless tips and tricks to understand nature. For instance, you learn that the roots of a tree indicate the direction of the sun. Mind-blowing, right? Well, there’s more. The book gathers tricks from different cultures of the world. Reading it will make you appreciate even the subtlest of clues that you pick up from nature. You will be a nature wizard. 

Hello Nature: Draw, Collect, Make And Grow 

Author: Nina Chakrabarti

Hello nature: draw, collect, make and grow is yet another book that is available here and is appropriate for all ages. Nina compiles various activities that you can do with your family. The book comes with unique ways through which view nature. You will learn some geeky facts such as the types of snowflakes that exist. Nonetheless, it provides a unique perspective that will spark a flame in heart and mind about nature. 

This book has information about your immediate surroundings. You will definitely learn about your environment and love it in the process. It has practical activities that you can perform in your free time such as sketching different animals and plants. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a great painter like Van Gough to draw anything. 

You will also learn how to make different nature inspired items such as leaf prints and twig sculptures. These activities will improve your outlook on nature and help you to develop various nature-inspired décor concepts. 

Final Thoughts About Outdoor Life Books

The city life denies most of us the ability to stay in touch with nature. Perhaps, the closest resemblance to outdoor nature that we get are the parks located in the city. These are not enough to fulfill that primal yearning for nature. Being in touch with nature helps you to reset your mind and become more productive either at or school. 

Therefore, reading the tips contained in the outdoor life books will improve your knowledge about nature. You will understand how our ancestors viewed nature. Also, you will gain a deep insight of how to make your children appreciate the outdoors. Most, importantly, the book will rekindle your love and appreciation for nature.

6 Outdoor Life Books That Will Make You Appreciate Nature 1

However, it is hard to love what you cannot understand. Therefore, these books will give you the basic knowledge about nature. Through such knowledge, you will understand the connection between different aspects of nature. In the end, you will appreciate nature. Break the boredom of staying indoors while there’s plenty of adventure outside. However, begin by reading these books that I have suggested. 

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