6 Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Is your shyness getting in the way of your dating life? If yes, then you need to master dating tips for shy guys. Imagine a scenario where you have a crush on a girl, and all you do is act in an awkward manner whenever she is around. You find yourself imagining all the worst possible outcomes if you approach her. Then before you know it, she is going out with another guy, and you are left feeling like a loser. Or worse, you may find yourself in the friend zone, that is, if you could even gather the courage to approach her in the first place.

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Being shy should not hold you back from meeting someone amazing. In fact, it can be an asset if you could only learn how to make it work in your favor. Being shy should never be your identity, it is just a part of you. It could be a manifestation of your insecurities. Maybe you have faced a string of bad experiences, such as rejections that have left you with social anxiety. Shyness may be a way for your body to protect itself and cope with stressful situations.

You could transform from being the guy lurking in the shadows, to a confident person that is comfortable in the social circle. Sounds complicated, right? Although there is no magic to take away your shyness, here are a few dating tips for shy guys to help you put yourself out there.

First, Focus and Build Your Confidence

Telling a shy person to start talking to girls is like throwing a person with zero swimming skills in an ocean. You bet they will drown. Let’s be clear, confidence is not arrogance, nor is it pride. Being confident means that you trust yourself.

Confidence lays the foundation for all other dating tips for shy guys. Let’s face it, confidence is sexy. Confident men attract most women more than anything else. Women want to feel sexual attraction with their partners, and confidence gets ladies to naturally feel attracted to you. Furthermore, women look for strength in men, and weakness is a turn-off. Some women may find shyness as a sign of weakness.

Therefore, before anything else, you need to know yourself. You may be scared of approaching women because you lack social skills. Focus on yourself and get to see what you like and what you don’t like about yourself. Ask yourself what you are comfortable with and what your limits are. Most importantly, before dating, know what you need in a relationship.

Get yourself to a point where talking to women is not a scary task anymore. Get started by putting yourself in difficult situations that otherwise, you would not. Such as going to new places alone. Also, try to find hobbies that make you happy.

Change Your Thinking

The way you think affects the way you face life. You need to realize that women are just people like you. You probably don’t shy away from speaking to your sister or mother, do you? Treat the women you are interested in just like you do treat the women in your life.

You should also change the way you look at rejection. The uncertainty of whether you will be accepted and rejected is what makes the dating process confusing, especially to a shy person. Remember that when a person rejects you, it is not always about you. It could be your approach, or it is just about them. Don’t take it to heart if it is your wrong approach because, at the end of the day, she doesn’t know you at a personal level. Does she?

If you have had some bad experiences in dating, it is time to move on and let go. You are not the same person you were before. Believing that you may never find someone only holds you back from trying. Second-guessing yourself could only make things worse. Keep in mind that positive thoughts attract positive outcomes in life.

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Change your outcome. If you were trying to talk to ladies before with a purpose to date them, change it. Talk to them with the aim of gaining experience. In that way, if your approach fails, you will have still gotten a chance to practice talking to women.

Embrace your shyness. You don’t have to keep away from it if it does not affect your life negatively. Always put your best qualities ahead. Shyness could be a blessing in disguise. For starters, shy people are naturally good listeners. You don’t have to scramble for words since you prefer to listen to people talk. Trust me, ladies will appreciate it. It is incredible and rare to speak to someone who doesn’t know how amazing they are. Stop worrying about your appearance and comparing yourself to other people. Women date different types of men, provided they are the confident alpha male.

Take The First Step and Commit

If you have been waiting on the sidelines for long, it is now time to take a leap of faith. Make your presence known. You could take it slow if you want to, baby steps. Next time you see someone that interests you, make an effort to talk to them, smile, or simply wave at them. You should also put yourself in a position to meet people. Love may not find its way to you when you are just staying all the time indoors. Try connecting with people by having outgoing friends, building friendships with women who you are not attracted to, and if it helps, have a wingman.

You could also improve on reading body language and pay attention to your surroundings. Women tend to send subtle signals when they are interested in you. When you notice that a lady has moved closer to you from where she was earlier, there is a chance that it is not a coincidence, but instead, she may be eyeing you. You should work on your body language as well. Walk head high and maintain eye contact when talking. Place your hands by your sides to give a sense of openness.

Be Boyfriend Material

By this, I mean that you become your best version. Do everything you can to get you ranking high on a potential boyfriend scale. First, take care of yourself. Many guys neglect their bodies and forget that the first impression goes a long way.  As we say, looking good, feeling good. Rise to the occasion and wear something that you are not only comfortable in but also stylish. Though It doesn’t need to be expensive, dress to impress. You can further care for yourself by exercising and eating healthy, it could improve your mood, reduce anxiety and depression.

Honesty is another quality that women will definitely appreciate. Guys tend to brag around women, and at times, they come off as jerks. Be honest and straightforward; it may go a long way than you could ever think. Show genuine interest and ask questions about her. However, be careful to not make it an interrogation. If you feel conflicted about what to tell her, ask a question, and because you are interested in knowing her, add a follow-up question.

Do What You Love

For a shy guy, making a conversation is a painful ordeal, especially when you are sitting across from each other in an interview style. Getting active on dates is more suitable. You don’t have to be wholly concerned about silence but rather focus on the activity you are taking. It is easy to talk to people when you are on active dates, especially in the natural environment. You can point out different items. Coffee dates and dinner could get boring, and you may run out of things to talk about.

The active dates could include bowling, hiking, cycling, zip-lining, roller skating, indoor rock climbing, and yoga, among others. Choosing a partner based on mutual interests is also a great idea to keep a conversation going. Shy guys tend to feel confident and relaxed when they are with people of the same interest. You may never run out of interesting subjects to talk and laugh about.

Go Speed Dating and Mega Dating for More Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Speed dating provides a fantastic avenue for meeting many women at once without a lot of pressure. With the limited time of interaction, you don’t need to worry about awkward silences. Furthermore, the dating type gives you enough practice and tips on how to talk to women. Even if you don’t make any genuine connections, it allows you to overcome the fear of talking to women. Speed dating is no longer a boring event for desperate people. On the contrary, it a place where singles go to have fun and make connections.

Mega dating is also a fun way to get dating experience. The process involves dating several people in the same period of time. It helps to keep you busy and diffuses energy. It also provides you with lots of experience in the dating world. More so, this type of dating also helps you to deal with rejection. It enables you to realize that getting rejected is no big deal. Most importantly, it shows you that there are many awesome women, and you don’t have to settle with someone you are not compatible with.

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Conclusion on dating tips for shy guys

Now that you have mastered the dating tips for shy guys, present yourself to the world. You are who you think you are, it is all about getting confident and comfortable with who you are. Do not change your identity. Instead, be yourself and be genuine. Commit to following through when you make a decision to talk to someone you are interested in. You will do great.

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