6 Best Youtube Backdrops for Beginner Broadcaster

Backdrops are materials that are used as a background for people taking photographs or videos. The best Youtube backdrops relate to what the video is about.

If you are a beginner broadcaster it is important to understand your subject so that you can be able to get a suitable backdrop that will revolve around what you are talking about.

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The background really matters because most people, while they are watching your videos, will focus on the kind of environment you are in. This may either make them continue watching or turn them off to watch other videos.

Choosing a perfect backdrop for your videos can be hectic but the moment you get one you will be able to settle for it.

It is important that you take your time to know what kind of background you want to put because it will play a big role when it comes to your branding and also your personality.

Ensure that the kind of background you have does not distract the viewer. Being watchful of the color that you choose for your backdrop is very important. Also, it is important that you consider the angle and the framing of the backdrop.

In this article, we shall discuss the 6 best Youtube backdrops for beginner broadcasters. Follow through and learn more about the backdrops described below.

Seamless Paper

Seamless paper is one of the best Youtube backdrops for beginner broadcasters. Most Youtubers use seamless papers because it is affordable.

The seamless paper backdrop has a lot of different colors that you can consider using. Therefore it means that a beginner broadcaster has a wide range of colors we can be able to choose.

Depending on what you’re broadcasting on, you will be able to choose whether you want their bright or dull colors.

The beauty of the seamless paper backdrop is that it is an attractive background and anyone will be appealed to watch your videos because the backdrop makes your videos stand out.

The reason why your videos will stand out is that the paper has a  none- reflecting background.

 The paper is of high quality and you will be assured of durability. This means you can be able to use it for a long period of time without it getting one out.

The Savage seamless paper is one of the most popular backdrops that many people use.

 The seamless paper is easy to use because you only need to do the hanging on a backdrop stand. If you do not have a backdrop stand you can consider using other different kinds of support mechanisms.

The Savage paper has five sizes. The size of the simplest paper that you will purchase will depend on the size of your videos when it comes to capturing. The sizes are 107 * 150, 107 * 36, 86 * 36, 53 * 36 and 26 * 36.

The seamless paper is one of the most used backdrops because of its environmental friendliness. This is because similar slippers are made from recycled fiber.

 If you are a beginner broadcaster on YouTube you can consider getting the seamless paper because it’s available in the market. Do thorough research on the different sellers so that you can be able to get one that is selling them at an affordable price.

Canvas Backdrops 

Canvas backdrops are one of the best YouTube backdrops that YouTubers use. Canvas backdrops are backdrops made from canvas. Canvas is a strong material of clothes that are made from hemp. 

One of the advantages of a canvas backdrop is the ability of the material to absorb the paint nicely. How canvas backdrops are made is by coloring clothes with textures.

Texture creates a very unique background and the relationship between light and the background is very impressive. As compared to other types of backdrops such as the seamless paper the canvas backdrop is less reflective.

 As a beginner broadcaster on YouTube, you can consider using canvas backdrops because they will be able to make your videos look attractive and appealing to the people watching them.

 Canvas backdrops are quite expensive as compared to other types of backdrops but it is worth the investment. You can consider saving up to get one because you will use it for a very long time. This is because the quality of your videos is guaranteed when you use this kind of.

The backdrops are in different sizes. The sizes include 50 by 70.8, 66.9 by 110.2, 106.2 by 122 106.2 by 165 .3 (X XL XXL)

When it comes to the maintenance of the backdrops you need to take care of it. This is because canvas backdrops may have creases when they’re not folded well.

You can mount the canvas backdrops by using clamps.

Consider getting the canvas backdrops from the manufacturer because that is where you will be assured to get quality backdrops. You can also consider getting references and recommendations from individuals that have used canvas backdrops on their YouTube so that they may direct you on where they bought them.

Gravity backdrops 

Among the best YouTube backdrops, gravity backdrops are at the top. gravity backdrops are very unique because they are created through hand painting. the paint is done perfectly in that you cannot be able to know the difference between the ones that are Printed.

You can consider buying the gravity backdrop or rent. Mostly it is affordable to buy your own gravity backdrop because it is more affordable as compared to renting.

Some advantages of gravity backdrops instead they are durable backdrops. Also, the uniqueness of the backdrops makes you get one gravity backdrop that you may never find in the market. This will make the background of your videos look unique and catchy.

 The manufacturers of gravity backdrops have a lot of different collections you can be able to choose from. Also, they can make customized gravity backdrops for you so that it can look more personal depending on the kind of broadcasting you are doing.

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Gravity backdrops also come in different sizes. You can be able to get the size you want from the manufacturer.

When using gravity backdrops ensure that you keep them in a cool and dry place. This is because when gravity backdrops are exposed to extreme cold and dumb the become imperfect. It is important that you consider a seller that will ensure the gravity backdrops are delivered to you in good shape.

Oliphant backdrops 

If your YouTube channel is all about fashion and design Oliphant backdrop is the backdrop that you should go with. The backdrop is stylish and very attractive. It comes in different colors which you can be able to select from.

When it comes to photography you can never go wrong with this kind of backdrop. It is one of the most unique backdrops and photographers and videographers love it.

When it comes to the cost of their backdrop it is quite an investment. This is because it is an artistic backdrop. When you go for it consider saving up enough money. The backdrop is likely to cost over $1000.

If you are a beginner broadcaster and you can afford to purchase the backdrop you can consider going for it.

Muslin backdrops 

Muslin is a fabric that most people use as a backdrop. The fabric is cotton in nature and it has the ability to interact with the light perfectly.

Most videographers use muslin backdrops to make green or blue screens.

 Muslin backdrops are washable or you could consider placing them on a dryer. It is not advisable to iron the backdrops.

 So that your Muslin backdrops cannot have wrinkles it is important to store them properly. You can consider it folding them as you bought them for the shop.

As a beginner YouTube broadcaster, it is important that you consider this type of backdrop because it is affordable and readily available. You can be able to get the material in different colors depending on how you want your background to look like.

DIY backdrops 

If you are an artistic person you can consider DIY backdrops. DIY backdrops are all about being creative and being able to come up with something appealing.

They are different materials that you can be able to use when creating DIY backdrops. For example, you can consider using Fabric of different colors that will match what you are talking about.

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When you go for the DIY backdrops this route is very affordable because you don’t require to have a lot of money to make one.

It is important to be very careful when creating DIY backdrops so that you ensure they are not reflective in nature. This is because when you get reflective backdrops your videos will not be appealing to the eye. You can consider doing samples of videos before doing the real one. This way you will be able to see how the light is interacting with the backdrop.

In conclusions, when you consider the highlighted backdrops you will be able to choose what you want as a beginner broadcaster

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