6 Best Home Improvement Books to Make Your Place More Instagrammable

Instagram, like many social media platforms, is a great resource in helping people improve their lives. This could be through presenting job opportunities, providing entertainment, making new friends or even improving our spaces through sharing decoration ideas. 

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And among the common social media platforms used for both business and decoration inspiration is Instagram. Over the years Instagram has become popular in communicating through pictures, users can share, like and comment on photos they like. To attain the maximum benefits on Instagram, it is important to ensure your pictures stand out. And to achieve this, here is a list of the 6 best home improvement books to make your place Instagrammable. 

But first let us take a look at some essential tips to achieving an Instagrammable place

Tidy up the Room

There is nothing more discoursing in liking an Instagram photo than an untidy space, your friends and followers will not spend more than 5 seconds looking at your photo if the space is untidy. Before taking that picture to ensure space is in order.

Learn Your Color Patterns

When it comes to achieving an Instagrammable place, another important factor to consider is color, you need to use the correct color patterns. For instance find out what colors blend well with your theme, if your place has that rustic theme, then earthy colors such as brown and beige should be part of your decorative items. 

Get Busy with DIY Projects

Changing your house design or decorative items every two weeks may be expensive, however, there is an easy way to achieve this, a DIY project. A DIY project is cost-effective and can even be turned to an income generating activity.

To start, find easy DIY projects, for example, you could make an organizing rack from cartons or boxes in your garage. This project not only saves on cost but achieves a tidy room and most importantly makes your room Instagrammable.

Get Your Lighting Right 

Another key factor to consider before taking that Instagram picture is lighting, find out tips on how to take professional pictures elements that influence lighting as well as editing tools to ensure your pictures are perfect. 

Before taking that picture, ensure your lighting brings out the best in your space, proper lighting helps to capture the small and fine details that make up a space.

6 Best Home Improvement Books 

In addition to the above tips, it is also important to read home improvement books, these books offer guidelines and insights on how to achieve that perfect place. The information and tips are practical, easy and provide long-lasting solutions.

Martha Stewart’s Organizing: The Manual for Bringing Order to Your Life, Home & Routines

Author: Martha Stewart

The secret to achieving an Instagrammable place is having your place in order, simple tasks such as tidying up your home office or your living room are all you need. Tidying up may sound easier said than done, Martha Stewart clearly understands this and seeks to provide tips and guides on how to go about sorting, cleaning and organizing to make your life simpler.

Also, the book has DIY projects, topics on organizing room by room, important tips such as how to store your seasonal beddings and decoration items and maintain their pristine conditions.

To achieve an Instagrammbale place, you will also need certain organizing supplies which Martha breaks down, and includes daily and weekly organizing systems that ensure your home remains in the best condition throughout. 

Martha Stewart’s book not only helps to improve your life but brings order as well. Grab your copy on Amazon and learn those important tips to ensure your place is always picture-ready. 

Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life

Author: Erin Gates

If you have your house in order but still feel there is a missing piece to complete the puzzle, then this designing book might be what you need. The book is filled with design ideas, important tips to consider when designing your place, and how to design your home depending on your style and personality. 

Erin has over ten years’ experience in the interior design industry and seeks to ensure your home decoration is a journey of self-awareness and discovery. The book also has inspirational pictures, and an account of some important decoration lessons Erin has learned over the years. 

This book includes fresh and colorful design ideas, giving your place a modern and stunning look, and covers areas such as your kitchen, bedroom, tips on how to select your couches, how to decorate a nursery to mention a few. 

Beautifully Organized: A Guide to Function and Style in Your Home

Author: Nikki Boyd

This book shares insights on how to turn your home into a clean, and beautiful home. Nikki uses five key steps to achieving the final look.

Evaluating the condition of the place, the book encourages you to assess your space, how big is space? What is the style used and what house’s decoration goes well with the house design?  In this step, Nikki also encourages the reader to find out how the house renovation will impact their lifestyle. 

The next step is decluttering, going through your belongings and keeping essential, sentimental and useful items.

In the third step, the author encourages the reader to clean, after cleaning your next task is organizing. This step not only helps to keep your house organized but reduces the time spent searching for items around the house. 

Finally, the last step in improving your place and making it Instagrammable is decorating. Beautify the place by using decorative items that make your space warm, welcoming and radiant. In this last step, simple things such as throw pillows, a rug or even a painting will help achieve that desired final look. 


Inspire Your Home: Easy Affordable Ideas to Make Every Room Glamorous

Author: Farah Merhi 

According to the author, taking care of your place is key in achieving your peace of mind. This home-improvement book not only guides you on how to achieve that picture-perfect space, but offers tips on how to maintain a cozy, and welcoming space.

The book has elegant, yet stylish house designs, infusing different colors, fabrics, and other design elements to help achieve that perfect home. And though the books give advice on how to design and embellish your place, Farah believes there is no right or wrong way, the goal is achieving your ideal look and staying authentic and true to oneself.

This book takes a look at how to design every part of the house from the kid’s bedroom, the living room, kitchen to the playroom. The tips and advice in this book are practical and cost effective as they encourage one to try out available things around your house. 

You might want to change the color of the wall, maybe trying out a wallpaper might be cheaper and easier for you, go ahead and try it out. On the other hand, your decoration item might be a woven throw blanket, passed down from your grandmother. 

Down to Earth: Laid-back Interiors for Modern Living

Author: Lauren Liess

Besides the design information in the book, the book also has captivating and riveting pictures, which help you get an image of what exactly to expect in applying some of the design principles offered.

This book pays attention on how to design six different house designs, a farmhouse, a lake, a modern, cedar house, American foursquare, and a glasshouse. 

The designs are adaptable, creative, and encourage a natural, easy lifestyle. The book also offers great insights on how to turn your rustic house into a creation of art. Improve your lifestyle and most importantly ensures your house is Instagrammable.

Lauren Leiss’s book shows that you do not have to live in a modern space to achieve desired design elements. 

Flower Color Guide 

Author: Darroch Putnam

For years, flowers have been used for various functions from medical values, to stress-relievers and one of the common uses is in decorations. 

Flowers are used in weddings, birthday parties, and romantic dinners to mention a few. However the right combination should be used on these different occasions, for instance, red flowers arouse the feeling of passion and love, while yellow flowers are great in decorating and evoking a vibrant and radiant atmosphere. 

Before using flowers it is essential to find out what color combinations work best as well as different arranging formats. Flowers are a great house accessory and give your Instagram picture that warm and beaming look.

This book is a flower reference guide, which offers guidelines on how to pick the best flower for your space in terms of color and season. The book also shares the countless possibilities on how to arrange flowers. In addition, the book also educates you on how to care and maintain for the flowers, and how to prepare your flower vessels.

Revamp and change your space with this flower color guide. 


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